Kacee Geoffroy of Life With Lipstick On // Behind The Blog Scene

Despite living in different corners of the globe, I've come to recognise that the blogging world is a small one. Made up of men and women, all with different backgrounds, but a shared desire to tell a story and have their voice heard. I'm so happy to be bringing back one of my favourite series - Behind The Blog Scene, which is a interview series with bloggers around the globe, a chance to pull back the curtain on the sometimes confusing and glossed over world of blogging to reveal the real, honest and humorous side we all know and love.

Happy to be kicking things off with a blogger who always makes me smile, Kacee Geoffroy of Life With Lipstick On.  Kacee keeps it real and reminds me (always) that at the end of day, blogging is about having fun, pure and simple.

Describe your blog in 3 words...
Chic, simple, lipstick
What is your blogging manifesto?
Because life is a little more fabulous with lipstick on!
3 blogging essentials?
Wine, Pandora, Instagram
My biggest blogging moment...
Being recognized in public!  Talk about flattering!!
Best piece of advice I've been given?
Blog what interests you and don't worry about what everyone else is doing.  Keep it fun and your content will always be authentic. 
I'm dreaming of traveling to...
I always love traveling with my hubby even if it's just a weekend getaway to Palm Springs.  Our family vacays are amazing but there is something so fun of wishing off with my love.  We get to recharge and revisit our dating years. 
Best advice for to a newbie blogger?
Keep your blinders on!  No one can have the same unique perspective as you!  
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
I am hair and makeup artist and when I'm not blogging, I'm working with brides and dreaming up eye candy for photoshoots.
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
A messy desk, couple pieces of chocolate and wine!
This year I'm most excited about...
Jumping in feet first and exploring lots of new content. I am embracing video this year which has been new and completely embarrassing!   I am so excited to share my life and adventures with my readers and build exciting new partnerships with brands.  

Puno Dostres of Made With Map // Behind The Blog Scene

As we kick off our month of #maybizmakeovers and help you fine tune and refresh your biz, we thought it was the perfect time to talk to our LA pal and all around biz boss, Puno Dostres, Founder of I Love Creatives and Made With Map. Puno has mastered the art of Instagram, growing her following in one year to over 95K and has a new online course she has just launched (in addition to a million other super cool side projects - the girl is BUSY!). I was lucky to grab a minute with her to pick her brain on all things social...

Describe your blog or biz in 3 words…
We love creatives!
What is your blog/biz manifesto?
It’s OK to be a slashie (i.e. designer/brand strategist/director). “Jack (or Jane) of all trades, master of none.” I appreciate mastery, but what if you want to try a lot of different things? With the right community and tools, we think it’s completely possible to live a Slashie life.
Top 3 biz essentials?
Aw man! Only three? I could go on forever about biz tools. :) Dropbox is a lifesaver. We use it to organize our editorial calendar for @madewithmap’s instagram. I use it for my freelance clients. If I ever mess up really bad on a photoshop file, I can just go back to the history and recover. I put all my screenshots on there automatically so I can send auto-created links. It’s the best.

Multiple Desktops + Google Chrome Users so I can manage multiple accounts! One day, I was complaining to the husband about how it’s hard to manage multiple accounts on Instagram. He told me about Google Chrome Users and I just about died that day. Died of joy! It’s amazing. Combine that with multiple desktops (and unique wallpapers to visually distinguish) and you’ve got mini portals to your slashie life. Cie la vie logging in and out!

Wacom Tablet - I’m on the computer a lot and the mouse just makes my wrist hurt. It’s a learning curve, but I highly recommend using a Wacom Tablet if you work on your computer a lot. Especially if you use photoshop or illustrator.

My biggest moment/milestone was....
Was when I quit my job. I was at Activision for three years and it really drained me emotionally. I loved the work, but the politics got in the way. I realized that most of my work was spent managing expectations and defending ideas. I was so unsatisfied with that slow moving boat.

My husband quit his job a year before and we knew that we wanted to do something together. It’s amazing how much we’ve learned in these past two years. It’s not easy and it definitely takes a type of person to do it, but if you have the discipline to be persistent and passionate for a whole year, go for it.

My dream collaboration would be?
NastyGal’s GirlBoss and ilovecreatives.

I would love to redesign the “Job Fair”. Nasty Gal’s GirlBoss Foundation help inspire and support a generation of young women to take their careers into their own hands. With the internet, jobs are being made up left and right! There are people that are looking for more interesting, creative jobs. There are people who are interested in freelance. I want to bring all of that goodness under one roof.
Right now I'm listening to…
I really dig this song by Birthday Boy:
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
I’m actually not a blogger right now, but I was a food blogger for a stint. I couldn’t believe how well received it was. People don’t care how small you are.

I feel like ilovecreatives is a mini blog in that we produce content every week. The only difference is that they are in a form of an “ad”. Haha, I even used the Squarespace blog block.

If you are going to build a blog, I would definitely create a growth spreadsheet so that you understand the trajectory of your blog. Are you growing? If you keep going at this pace, what will your blog grow to in six months? A year? Understanding where you will be be based on your effort now makes the journey less overwhelming. The worst is when you’re up all night wondering if your efforts are going anywhere.
If I wasn't building a badass business I'd be...
Working for an Incubator helping founders build their business! Right now in my life, I love building businesses, but I am craving a trip to Alma too. :)
Behind the scenes of my biz looks like…
Emails, spreadsheets, and a lot of in-person meetings in the Arts District.
This year I'm most excited about…
Launching PeopleMap. My husband and I built it a year ago. We needed a tool to help us manage our outreach for @madewithmap’s instagram. I never thought that someone would pay for it. One day, I showed it to a friend who does Social Media marketing and they were like, “I needed that yesterday. When can I sign up?” I had NO idea.

We’re hoping to launch it end of May, but you can play with the calculator now. :)

Photos Credit: Sisilia Piring

Kim Wardell of Design Life Kids // Behind The Blog Scene

When I first starting blogging personally in 2010 I did so to capture the beauty of the mundane. The often forgotten, boring moments that create our every day movements. In short I started blogging to find the beauty in the every day. 

When I first found out that Kim Wardell of Design Life Kids had the same tag line for her shop I knew that I had to have her as a guest in our 'Behind The Blog Scene' series. This series is dedicated to women bloggers and business owners from around the globe, carving their own path. Women that inspire and prove without a doubt that anything is possible when you follow your heart.

Kim has taken a life-changing moment - the passing of her husband - to turn her grief into a family run business with the seal of approval from her two daughters. Her store and story are one to be admired and I am thrilled to have her inspiring words with us here today....

Describe your blog in 3 words… 
Modern, Design Minded, Raw
What is your blogging manifesto?
Have fun and only write about things YOU want to. Not every post has to be a happy one, but once you lose the love for what you do, then your blog loses it's magic.
Top 3 blogging essentials?
A dream, an iPhone and time.
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
There were two actually. 1: Sharing the loss of my husband. 2: When I announced that I was to transition from full time blogger to fulfilling a dream and opening shop DLK in Oct 2014. 
Best piece of advice I've been given?
Cry when you want to, smile when you have to and find the beauty in the every day.
I'm dreaming about traveling to...
Sydney, Copenhagen, Japan, California, Korea... south of course.
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
We eat with our eyes first. Whether it's food, decor, photography or fashion; it's very much the same. So keep your aesthetic bright and clean and eye catching, then you'll be able to bring in the reader.
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
Running a store filled with my most favorite things... which is where I'm at now.
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
An office full of inventory boxes, crumbs from breakfast on the floor and two little babes running around happy as can be.
This year I'm most excited about...
Bringing on new lines and seeing where the shop goes! I'm also excited to start sharing more about what's going on in our life now and featuring new artists/designers from around the world on the blog.

Jaime Tollas of Less On The Floor // Behind The Blog Scene

I'm always fascinated when bloggers tell me they write not one, but two (or more!) blogs. How they find the time I have no idea but nevertheless I'm impressed and such is the case with Jaime Tollas, the chief content creator behind new lifestyle site for mothers in the so-called 4th Trimester, postmodyrn: After is the New Now and the blog, Less On The Floor, her honest account of balancing work and motherhood.

Like many of our readers, Jaime's blog was blog was born in her kitchen during a confusing, wonderful stretch of months when she found herself suddenly and self-righteously unemployed -- which is to say, the full-time mother of a ten-month-old. I love her humble account of her self proclaimed "entirely ordinary quest to be a mother, even a good mother" - which I'd argue is pretty damn extraordinary don't you? Glad to have her here on the blog today...

Describe your blog in 3 words…
Honest, memoirist, tongue-in-cheek 
What is your blogging manifesto?
Tell a true story and tell it well. And learn how to use social media (I'm still figuring that one out).
Top 3 blogging essentials?
1. Time!
2. A hallmark. Mine is the writing: it's my craft.  Some bloggers I love for their photographs, others for their personal style, others for their practical how-tos...Know what you are good at and make that the focus.
3. A story.  What is your blog about?  Whether you blog every day or once a month, feel free to get creative, but always stay on point.  That's how you build your personal brand.
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
The first post I wrote that went viral.  I could tell I had touched a nerve with working moms, and by sharing my own story I had tapped into a huge cultural issue.
Best piece of advice I've been given?
Write for yourself, not for an audience.  Create something beautiful that you feel proud of.  That's what makes it authentic.
I'm dreaming about traveling to...
London, again.  We used to live there, when we were young and wild, and I would love to re-discover it with our children.
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Just. Blog.  Do it.  Keep at it.  
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
Staring at a computer trying to start my book.  Blogging is so much less intimidating, so I actually WRITE!
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
A high-rise apartment, a dining room table covered in 4,000 Legos, yoga pants, and a glass of water.  Or it looks like the inside of my car, where I spend an inordinate amount of time driving the kids about and thinking of what to write.
This year I'm most excited about...
Taking my blog to the next level!  It's been four years and I've never felt so inspired.  Also, launching my new website postmodyrn, which takes the energy and thought I've put into the pressures on moms today, and turns that passion into a resource instead of a rant.   

Melissa Fenlon and Sara Albers of Alice & Lois // Behind The Blog Scene


It's one thing to write a cute, clever, crafty blog but it's another thing altogether to be able to do it with your twin sister! I couldn't imagine anything more fun than to be a blogging family and that is exactly what Melissa Fenlon and Sara Albers have created with their blog, Alice & Lois.

Sharing their inspiration, projects and celebrating the good in life in general, these two are just as hilarious and fun to be around as they come across on their blog. I had a great time getting to meet and hang out with them in Salt Lake City and had far too many laughs while posing for photo booth photos at the Downton Abbey themed party and other blog shenanigans. I'm thrilled to have them both here this week, sharing their blog tips...

Describe your blog in 3 words…
Sisters, Creativity, Inspiring
What is your blogging manifesto?
Celebrate the good in life.
Top 3 blogging essentials?
Google Calendar, laptops and a 50 mm lens
Our biggest blogging moment/milestone was?
Working with brands such as the Honest Company, Zappos and Munchkin. Also when people first started contacting us to tell us about making our DIY projects… so sweet. Oh and we recently were nominated by Better Homes & Gardens as one of the Top 10 DIY Blogs - something we are so proud of given we've only had our blog for a year and a half... dare to dream!
Best piece of advice we’ve been given?
Stand behind your content. If you are not proud of a project and how it looks or turns out, you don’t have to post it. You want to stand behind the project or post that you’ve created. 
We’re dreaming about traveling to…
A family trip to Sayulita.
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Just go for it. Don’t be afraid and dream big. We’re in a very creative business and it’s so easy to fall prey to comparison. But at those points of comparison, get off your computer and go get inspired. Look for what inspires you in your everyday life. You’ll soon have a list so long of ideas you won’t know where to start! And always, always be proud of what you do. Stay true to who you are.
If we weren’t blogging we’d be...
...If we lived in the same town, we’d own a shop together by day, hosting workshops, dinners and speakers by night.
Behind the scenes of our blog looks like...
For Sara – shooting projects at her dining room table overlooking the cable car line and Alcatraz in the fairytale city of San Francisco.
For Melissa – shooting projects at her dining room table surrounded by the organized chaos of a highchair, stuffed animals and ski boots overlooking the mountains of Crested Butte, Colorado. 
This year we’re most excited about...
Growing our community, making new friends and celebrating our 40th birthday together.


Images: Alice & Lois, Headshot by Alex Fenlon