Why Play Is So Important To Your Creative Blogging Process

By Eleanor Gannon

"When you let go of the need for any and all outcomes life becomes a creative magical adventure." – Deepak Chopra

Sometimes as creatives we feel like things can get stagnant and safe when we loose the spark to create. I'd love you to consider the possibility of introducing play back into your work. We used to play a lot when we were young. We tried new things and didn't stop to think if were spending our time wisely or if what we made showed any talent - we just enjoyed the process!

As an adult I want to be as productive as possible all. the. time. Everything I make needs to be pretty darn good or constructive to my business otherwise am I wasting valuable time? Not when play comes into the mix. By trying something new and not being concerned about the results, you create magic. You let go of all your usual hangups about value and productivity and just focus on the fun. It's so freeing! Let yourself know it's OKAY if the stuff you make you think is rubbish. Once you give yourself permission to make the stuff, you'll start making more and through practice you'll begin to improve. 

I enjoy the process of painting but have no 'proper' painting skills. But it doesn't matter if I'm totally rubbish, I love the process. The more fun I have, the more often I paint and the better I get. Not only does practice pay off but the buzz I get from feeling creative feeds back into my photography. By trying other mediums I expand my 'box of tricks' and can draw upon them in the future (for instance I've started using my paintings as backdrops in my photography). My experiments into doodling, typography and modern calligraphy have resulted in creative letters I send to family. I didn't know where it would all end up but I love that now I make something that others get joy from. A few minutes play each day has created a large body of work over time. Starting small has allowed me to end up somewhere bigger. 

With photography being my job, I play using film which makes me slow right down and to be more thoughtful. My smartphone camera has been invaluable for taking photos I'd never normally take with my 'proper work' camera. I aim to take at least one photo a day and Instagram has become a vital part of my iphonegraphy journey. On my personal account I post every day to create 9 image colour series. Because I have a long unbroken posting chain and I have to post daily, I do it regardless of my motivation. If today wasn't that great, there's always tomorrow, or the day after that. Doing a little play every day helps you to narrow down your interests and work on your creative voice. Just don't worry about what it all means, how the dots connect – have fun and enjoy your creative journey!

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