Using your time wisely

By Lucy Waring

Campaign #dontblogforfree

Time is a funny thing. You can’t see it nor can you touch it, however we do observe the passing of time. Some days drag minute by minute when others fly by in an instant. However fleeting it feels, time is our biggest commodity as bloggers. It is our arsenal for creating exciting content, conveying it by the written word, photography or through videos.

However, some brands still choose to undervalue this and take for granted our passion and determination to challenge ourselves daily and create a business. Too often do brands ask bloggers to review their services or products for little or no payment. Even if blogging isn't your full time job, why would you spend your precious free time promoting a business that doesn't recognize quality when they see it and compensate appropriately.

For me, blogging is a full time career choice. I love what I do and it fulfills my passions so I look forward to waking up each morning and the unexpected blessings it may bring to my day. However, through meeting companies who will happily compensate me for my hard work and time compared with many who won’t I have begun to feel that perhaps it is a question of education. After all, blogging is a young industry and therefore guidelines and market standards haven’t yet been set. Therefore, it is entirely at the discretion of the blogger whether they choose to charge for their services or not. It is this situation which has led to many full time bloggers, working hard to build their brand and make a living at the same time, being sold short when it comes to being compensated appropriately for the standard of work supplied.

I would love to spread the message of ‘don’t sell yourself short’ by blogging for free, if you are giving your time then reap the rewards. There is no rule to say that just because you enjoy what you do and look forward to each project that means you shouldn’t be paid for it. Every marketing or PR company gets paid for what they do so why not you? That is essentially what you are doing after all, marketing another person’s company.

Therefore, I would suggest we need to educate not only each other but the brands too, to understand that we are a business just like themselves and work long hours to create, edit, promote and style our blogs. Then hopefully through the passage of time, we will all gain the recognition we deserve.

Lucy Waring is a freelance writer and blogger based in Singapore. You can find her blogging at Lulabelle Lifestyle where she talks fashion and travel as well as revealing Singapore’s hidden gems. She also organizes #blogmeetsg networking events bringing boutique brands and bloggers together. To keep up to date with the latest blog posts and #blogmeetsg events you can follow her on Facebook. You can also follow the behind the scenes action on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Stockpic