Food & Travel // Summer Suppers In Malibu


By Marita Karlson

Hello Blog Society! While Jaclyn is still getting over her jet lag I'm thrilled to be here guest posting from the other side of the world. I’m a Swede living in Venice Beach, California and since Jaclyn use to live here years ago, she asked me to share a bit of California beauty with you today so I've decided to show you what's cooking in Malibu from time to time, and what my idea of a fabulous dinner can look like.

I first heard about these "Farm dinners" from a friend of mine, actually the one who took all these beautiful shots. She told me about a Swedish chef who throws dinners out in the fields of local Malibu farms, which did sound like a pretty great concept to me. So I snagged a couple of these sought after tickets for her next event, which was held at a family strawberry farm.

Everything about it was adorable and I had to get my hands on the tickets for her next event as well. This time, One Gun Ranch was hosting - a ranch with a location to die for surrounded by spectacular mountains with gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. The farm produces healthy foods with biodynamic principles and the whole ranch is a living organism, which means that everything living at the farm is being reused back to the land.

Let’s go back to the Swedish chef for a moment. Helene Henderson has been cooking for Malibu locals for years and since she moved her dinners outside they have become extremely popular around the L.A foodies.  A year ago she opened her own Farm Cafe at the end of the pier in Malibu,  so now everyone can taste her home cooked delicious meals. Malibu Farm is one of my go-to places when I want something organic, local and cooked with a little extra love.

A wild caught albino salmon anyone?  A delicious appetizer cooked over fire. Absolutely divine. I try to eat locally and in season as much as i can to support the farmers. The natural weather and climate conditions gives the foods much more flavor and nutritional value. I think it’s important to know where our food comes from.  

The night at One Gun Ranch was a unique outdoor dining experience in a way that dining with people should be – some familiar faces and meeting new people, a very social experience and fantastic food, picked and cooked right there outside. Great spirit. To sit at the ranch enjoying a long dinner together and being so in touch with the food and nature will forever be something special.

Marita Karlson lives in Venice Beach and studies raw nutrition. She has just released her first book and you can find her blogging about the healthier life at or on instagram at @maritakarlson.


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