Tips For Product Makers

By Erin Aldersea

What maker doesn’t dream about seeing their product up in lights in a beautiful magazine layout? 

When I launched my own product range on Etsy all I dreamed of was seeing one featured in a Real Living spread! I became a little obsessed. I researched the editors to contact and tried a few different tactics to get my products in their hands and along the way I even had a little success.

I got a lovely email from a past client the other day asking for some tips and tricks to get her product featured in magazines. Although there's no exact formula to guarantee success I've put together a few tips to help makers get their products in front of the right people.

 - First things first, come up with a list of magazines you'd love to see your product in and find the best person to contact. This could be an Editor, Stylist or Staff Writer. Get digging as you want to find the direct email address for this person if you can, it may take some intense Google-ing or buying the latest copy of the magazine to find that email but it will make all the difference if you can get straight into their inbox rather than go through an assistant.

 - Write a media release about your product, including information about yourself and             your business. Send the media release as an attachment to a personalised email - make sure     this email is as personal as possible. For example, find the name of the editor/writer/stylist and mention a little of what you loved about their latest issue. Keep the email brief and to the point as these guys don't have a lot of time and get hundreds of requests every month.

 - Also attach 2-3 low res images of your products - send 1 deep etched and 1-2 beautiful in situ    shots so they can get an idea if they want to use the product as part of a photoshoot.

Extra tip: It really is worth investing in some magazine-worthy images to show off your products, I did this last year and it's really paid off.

 - Let the magazine know you can supply the product for them to use in a shoot/giveaway/their personal use easily and that you can also send through high res images for print purposes.

 - Include links to your website and social media so they can see you have a loyal following and you're a legitimate maker!

 - Make sure the subject line in your email is really catchy and not too spammy.

 - As a follow up, send a sample of your product - make sure this is beautifully packaged with a copy of the media release and a nice personalised hand written letter as an intro. This has worked for me in the past!

 - Don’t forget to look into blogs you can target as well as magazines - everyone's hungry for new content and amazing new products to feature.

All the best with getting your beautiful products out there into the world makers.

Erin’s a writer, traveler, maker, coffee-lover, curiosity-follower and social media coach from Melbourne, Australia. At The Hiatus Collective Erin writes for freedom-seekers with a glimpse into her life, business and travels. For more tips and inspiration head to Erin’s Instagram , blog  +  Pinterest.