The Launch


After years of dreaming, months of planning, sleepless nights and early mornings I am proud to officially launch Blog Society.  We're hitting go, closing our eyes and waiting to see what happens.  

As most ideas do, it all started with a feeling, a gut feeling that could or is often pushed aside.  Self doubt and fear tend to creep in and squash those grand ideas or big dreams - but not this time.  I was determined to make this idea flourish, to see it though and most importantly where it would take me.


It was and is, a scary adventure and looking back to this post I first wrote on Little Paper Trees shows me how far we've come since hitting go.  So I'm glad you're here for the adventure, on this blog we'll be posting about news and inspiration on all things blogging, giving you behind the scenes glimpsed into our event and of course the full wrap up of each gathering so you can experience it for yourself...enjoy!

x Jaclyn

p.s - if you are a first time visitor to this brand spanking new site we'd love your feedback, thoughts or suggestions...feel free to send them to