The Ghost Behind The Keyboard

By Rochelle Holdsworth

We all know ghostwriting has been around for centuries. Some of the most famous authors have used the services of the mysterious ‘ghostwriter’.

Whether it was to save time and money, or because they believe two heads are better than one, they all chose to outsource their content to a professional writer.

In today’s PR savvy world it’s not surprising that ghost blogging is on the rise. Heck, I’ve managed to start a whole business around it.

What is a ghost blogger? A ghost blogger is a passionate, skilled writer who takes the hassle out of maintaining a blog and writes content that is professionally edited and SEO ready. They always remain anonymous and write under the name of the business or organisation that employed them.

Today we’re faced with an emotional economy where building relationships with your target market and sharing information outweighs the traditional sales focused hard sell. We live in an age where if you need to know something, you Google it and an online presence is essential.

Business commentators used to be divided about the need for a blog, but finally it seems that blogging has become common practice in the business world. It has proved itself as a successful platform to share and connect with your audience, demonstrate knowledge, build credibility and assist with your website’s SEO.

Unfortunately, not all businesses have the resources or skills to write their own blog posts. Time is a precious commodity and businesses are outsourcing more than ever.

Outsourcing blog posts is a no-brainer. Blogging is time consuming, especially if you’re not a professional writer. My business, Ghostblogger, was launched at the beginning of this year and as a ghost blogger I work closely with my clients to develop content that is engaging and personalised to their business or industry. I consider myself part of their team.

I won’t ignore the critics who argue that like ghostwriting, ghost blogging is unethical. They say that it’s dishonest and misleading. In my opinion, it’s no different to the speechwriters or media trainers who work with high profile personalities every day to massage their image and get them ‘public ready’. A ghost blogger is merely delivering a message in a more professional way. I never write for personal blogs or try to pass myself off as an individual. I work with businesses and organisations that are involved through the entire process.

It’s true. I don’t get any credit for my writing. However, I’m not in this for the fame. I don’t need to see my name in neon lights to feel a greater sense of accomplishment. I get to do what I love on a daily basis and write on a variety of topics that I would previously have never written on. I get to pick and choose my clients and write for people who are passionate about their work. I love this gig and it’s exciting, challenging and always interesting. 

Rochelle is a professional ghost blogger. She started her business ‘Ghostblogger’ in early 2015, combining her passion for writing, marketing and research. Although her business is still young, she's witnessing a rise in the demand for ghost bloggers and is excited to see what the future holds. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration!