Link Love // The Friday Files

What a whirlwind week and judging by the emails that have landed in my inbox you guys are feeling it too. Ideas are hatching, time is flying and it all feels a bit crazy doesn't it? For me and the team we've been busy launching new events out into the world (yay!), writing a new e-book (shhh more on that later!) and catching up over wine with some of my students from our Digital Bravery course.  

It's been an emotional and creatively exhausting week but I feel good and ready to soak up this weekend with friends and some exciting biz happenings & events. What's on your agenda this weekend? Share below and grab a cup of tea and enjoy the link love below....

  • This is launching in June and it's going to transform the direction of your business.
  • Loved seeing one of my fav people getting some recognition for her photography
  • This post had me speechless. What would you tell your younger self?
  • Did you hear the news? We're hitting the road.
  • Oh my love of events (and cacti) grows after seeing this stunning display 
  • Take a deep breathe - just the post I need to read this week
  • Need help with Instagram? My LA gal pal has you sorted