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The champagne has been flowing this week and it finally feels like the holidays have arrived - hello December! We finally announced to the world the details about our new e-course and truth be told I'm a tad overwhelmed (and a bit teary) over the wonderful response - big, big high fives are happening in these parts and I have your support to thank. I always get a bit emotional as the year comes to a close and I take a look back at everything that has happened. Do you reflect too?

For the first time I'm trying not to 'plan away' 2015 but rather take small, deliberate steps towards what I have a feeling is going to be a personal and professionally transformative year. If you are a New Year's resolution type of reader please let me know - and of course share with us your goals for 2015 as we'd love to hear them! For those on this side of the world Summer has arrived (which for a Bostonian is still strange in December) but I'm going to begin to break out the Christmas carols (despite the heat) and enjoy a relaxing weekend ahead - I hope you do too. Link love before I sign off...

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