The Friday Files

I'm welcoming Friday with open arms this week - anyone else feeling the same?

It's been a full week.

I'm trying to refrain from using the word 'busy' because it seems so overused these days and instead reframe the moments I pack into my days as full because that's really what they are. It's my choice to squeeze in as much as I can or do as little as I please so I'm focusing on taking ownership of these decisions and not blaming the art of being busy. And this week saw a combination of both.  Earlier in the week this mama to be slowed down in order to take care of myself and allow for much needed rest and then the next few days flowed in full marketing mode.

I've found that really tapping into my marketing roots is where I tend to flourish and find so much satisfaction. Funny how when you hit your sweet spot everything begins to fall in place right? Manifesting at it's finest. So often my focus is helping to guide my clients on their own personal marketing journey so it was really refreshing to turn that energy inward and start to work on refreshing this space here - a project long overdue and that I can't wait to reveal soon!

On the cards this weekend is a little glamping trip up the coast and hopefully some beach swims, bush walks, camp fires and fresh air. I can't wait - and it makes the long days this week all worth hit. I hope you've found your own groove this week and have carved out some all important down time for the days ahead.  Here's some link love to get you ready for weekend mode..enjoy! x Jac

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