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The Friday Files

Shhh...I'm sneaking out to write this post while away for the Easter holiday weekend here in Australia. I promised my better half that I'd keep the work to a minimum so while he's getting ready for a surf I'm clearing out the inbox and saying hello to you guys!

At the moment I'm up the coast in a beautiful little placed called Noosa - it's my first time here and it's a pure slice of heaven. I create best when I'm able to clear my head and have plenty of open space so we've snuck away for a little pre-launch getaway knowing full well that April is going to be full of long days and big stretches of hustle so it's a bit like the calm before the storm!

I'll happily take it as I work best in surges and as my feet are in the sand and coffee by my side as I type I couldn't be happier.  Lots of exciting things in the works over the coming weeks so stay tuned and if you want to see more of our Noosa adventure make sure to check us out on Instagram - and for those wanting a virtual escape I've got some great link love below. Happy weekend! x Jaclyn

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