The Friday Files

Happy Friday guys! As I write this I'm currently in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where for the past week I've been blissfully chilled out in baby moon mode.

This means I've (tried) to stay away from laptop and emails but nevertheless wanted to pop in today so say hello, share some of the gems from this part of the world and of course keep you inspired with what's caught my eye in the land of link love.

I'll keep this short and sweet but this time away has really made me think about self-care and the need to slow down. Often it takes a big moment like a baby moon or holiday or illness for us to truly disconnect and give ourselves permission to shut off.

Never ending to-do lists and obligations keep us working at full speed, all.the.time and it's something I'm absolutey guilty of. Being pregnant you have a responsibility to take care of yourself but I'm urging all of you to take a moment and be still this week. You don't need a babymoon to slow down, and that is been a complete eye opener for me this week. Here's to carrying a bit of calm and slow back to the big city upon my return and encouraging you take a bit of time for 'you' this weekend too.

Enjoy below...x Jac

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  • Because everything is better with a kitchen dance party playlist on hand
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  • An April moodboard to sum up all the feels
  • I'm updating our laundry room and using this image as inspo #goals
  • This past week summed up in one photo (p.s. I never want to leave)