Link Love // The Friday Files

Happy Friday everyone! After letting out some really powerful emotions in my most recent  newsletters I’m happy to say that things feel back on track and it’s been amazing reconnecting with everyone after such a long absence. I continue to be surprised that when you tell the universe you’re ready, she really does deliver.  Productive coffee catch ups, offers of collaboration and new opportunities have come my way this week all as a direct result of allowing myself to open up. I’ve consciously made room in my business for ‘new’ and I’m absolutely ready.  Bring it on.

So with the energy flowing I’m working on some exciting updates to our Digital Bravery E-Course (relaunching in April!), a few new helpful biz guides coming your way next week, presentations for some new Tele-Summits I’m speaking at and getting ready to do some house renovation this weekend and pinning up a storm as we. So off you go to make room for new opportunities and enjoy the link love below before you power down..

  • I’m on a health kick at the moment so these 7 ways to fit exercise in daily have helped keep me on track!
  • Did you hear about this NEW project we’re launching in 2016?
  • The best known resource to help clear up money blocks and reframe your emotions about earning good money as a female biz owner.
  • We’re on the Snapchat bandwagon (you can find us @blogsociety) and these are some great tips about using it for business
  • Go girl! Here’s how to tackle financial independence like a boss
  • Can’t get enough of these podcasts!