Link Love // The Friday Files


I had a crazy burst of creative energy last weekend, the kind where you jump out of bed and frantically start scribbling ideas in your notebook because you don't want the moment to pass or the ideas to be forgotten. Do you know the feeling? I wish I could bottle it. It was just the jolt I needed and luckily I've been able to keep that forward momentum going this week.

I've been able to set a few personal goals for myself and am finally taking the time to invest in making them happen (yeah!) I'm a firm believer that investing in your own growth is the best decision anyone can make so I'm encouraging you this weekend to do something just for you. I'll be resting up and taking advantage of a slow weekend to really delve a bit deeper into my goal list and soak up this creative energy like a sponge. I hope it's contagious. If you need a jolt of your own, these links will do it. Happy weekend...

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  • SO excited about our next creative workshop – time for a bit of glam.
  • 7 friends every woman needs. Which friend are you?
  • Great career lessons I wish I had known earlier.
  • When life gets frustrating, just breathe.

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