The Friday Files

I seem to be on a never ending quest for balance these days.  I'm learning (slowly) that the battle is a long one, defined only by the individual.  This weekend I found what seemed to be the perfect balance (for me) at this momemt, that involved early morning walks by the beach, iced coffee and powering through some big projects (hello website rebrand!) before shutting down the laptop and getting outside to enjoy the sunshine.

I'm admittedly one that can work for hours in a focused state, unaware of what is happening around me. I adore working and growing Blog Society but I've learned that this is only sustainable when I allow time for self-care so I forced that be a priority this past week.

The result?

After a busy yet restful weekend I've headed into this week with a clear head and heart.  While the rain poured here in Sydney and our friends in the Northern Hempishwere on the East Coast got pounded with snow, I feel liked I've settled back into a routine that has been missing for ages.  While my to-do list is full again, filled with new and exciting projects, I'm ready and willing to tackle them all - but not before putting a little R&R at the top of the priority list this weekend.

I'll be spending some time on the Northern Beaches again, celebrating my partner's birthday and some much needed time with girlfriends catching up and crafting. I can't wait, blissful balance is on the cards.

Before I sign off for the week, here's the link love that caught my eye....xx Jac

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