Link Love // The Friday Files

There is a recurring theme here over the past few months of whirlwind days and feeling like each time I sit down to type at this keyboard that I am chasing my tail and always playing catch up. It’s been like that this year – crazy, chaotic, at times challenging but overall pretty damn wonderful. In the midst of buying our first home and packing up our old place, we took off for an anniversary trip to Cambodia which has left me in a blissful holiday bubble as I try to emerge back into reality this week. I put the business on the back burner (and in the capable hands of my team) and truly disconnected while gone. No phone, no internet, (minimal) Instagram posts when we did find WiFi and most importantly just shut off my brain from the ever evolving list of ideas and simply sat still.  I read books, took naps, swam, watched people go by and let my mind wander.

The silence had this profound impact on me that I’ll be sharing more of in the coming weeks. It made unexpected emotions bubble to the surface and made me rethink and question my current business plan, model and direction for the year ahead. These emotions are both scary, thrilling and certainly packed with some honest truths that I feel important to share. So while I let the holiday dust settle I can say that I’m happy to be back here and ready to share even more of myself in this space moving forward. Until then, enjoy your weekend and some link love below…x Jac

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