Link Love // The Friday Files

Ending the week with a whole new outlook than where I started. After speaking last night on a panel hosted by She Says on personal branding and social media, I was really overwhelmed (in a good way) by the sheer drive and talent that appeared in that room. Over 100 women showed up ready to own their future, wanting to define their own personal brand and carve out a path of success. It was really motivating to see this, I felt surrounded by my tribe, felt empowered by the wisdom shared and it sparked a million ideas about my own path, where I can help others and what the next few months have in store.

While we have tons of great things lined up over the next few months, I'm finding that more and more ideas seem to be popping up and I'm working through a process of figuring which ones are worthy paths to follow. It's a creative roller coaster and while I'm very clear on where I want to go, there is something exciting about not always having every detail figured out.

With that note I'm throwing creative caution to the wind and heading up to Byron Bay this weekend for some family time and fresh air - and of course some future planning (and dreaming) thrown in for good measure. Hope your week's been an adventure - see you on Monday (but first link love to share...)

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