The Friday Files

What a week...I've officially entered my third trimester so it's business and motherhood on the brain big time. If any of you mamas out there have any advice on how to balance the biz side of things while these final weeks speed past I'd love to hear it :)

For now I luckily still have my energy flowing and have felt wonderful this entire pregnancy so feeling blessed especially as I've taken on a few big projects coming up - aka website rebrand and launching of Digital Bravery on 1 May.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love pouring my heart and soul into Blog Society and there seems to be a need for connection and empowerment more than ever if you ask me.

The market is flooded with information, tips, tools and everything under the sun to tell you how exactly you should be skyrocketing your own path to success. I've always wanted Blog Society to be a haven from that chaos, where the courses, products or events that I offer bring calm to the madness and motivation rather than overwhelm to your already busy lives. It's something that has remained at the forefront of my mind as I've gone through the rebrand process and something that I will continue to prioritize even more now that motherhood is impending and my time becomes more scarce.

It's all about quality, connection and strengthening those relationships with our community. So these are the thoughts that have been flooding my mind recently and I hope to be back next week with some exciting news about the new site design - as well as a hello from up the coast where I'll be spending my baby moon. Bring on the beach walks, pregnancy massage and afternoon naps!  I'll be taking a little break while I can but of course posting on Instagram because Noosa is too pretty not to share.

In the meantime I've left you with some of my fav link love - have a wonderful weekend. xx Jac

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