Link Love // The Friday Files

It's been a crazy week for the Blog Society team - from seeing Elizabeth Gilbert speak last weekend (yes she was amazing, lyrical and poetic), to welcoming some new faces to our team, a few early morning phone calls with the US to tee up some cool collaborations coming soon and finally a decision was made on a pretty big shift for us that was both wildly unexpected, slightly scary and altogether out of our comfort zone...but that is where all the good magic starts doesn't it?

Before things begin get really busy (April is going to be insanely crazy and wonderful as we head into launch mode and welcome new students into our next round of Digital Bravery!) we decided to head off to Bali with some friends for a bit of rest and relaxation so I'm currently typing this by the pool in the still of the morning - balmy air and incense all around me. It may be the calm before the storm but I'm enjoying every damn moment. Enjoy your weekend xx Jac

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