The Friday Files

I'm back! Guys I have to admit that I have never felt so energized to sit down and write a post. If I'm being completely truthful this space has felt a bit distant to me lately, the desire to write and share just wasn't flowing and in an attempt to stay true to myself (and my word of 2017, 'Flow') I allowed that space to happen.

And the gap widened and suddenly months had passed and The Friday Files went on hiatus.

Until now. 

I've found that for many of us creativity energy ebbs and flows. There are times when we outwardly express ourselves and thrive off the creative energy that writing, reading and social media can offer and sometimes these channels can have the opposite effect where we need time to disconnect in order to replenish ourselves. No matter which stage you're in know that it's absolutely okay. You are where you need to be. I find it's best to embrace each time as both are needed in order to grow and move forward. As I've said here before many times, sometimes you need to slow down in order to speed up.

I am definitely in the creative phase and I have no idea if the impending arrival of my little bub has anything to do with this newfound energy (I expect it does and that it may be fleeting so I'm harnessing all I can for now) so expect to find me writing more, sharing more and creating more as the desire for connection is running deep.

After spending last weekend glued to my laptop in major ecourse prep, I can't wait to grab my other half and spend some time putting my feet in the sand. Summer is slipping into Autumn here in Sydney and I'm determined to enjoy those fleeting summer moments as long as I can. I hope you have an equally relaxing weekend planned and before I say goodbye (until next week that is) here is some link love that caught my eye this week:

  • Soul-care vs self-care: this podcast hit a personal note and blew my mind
  • An office makeover that I'd certainly be happy with!
  • Erin's post on finding your passion hit me HARD
  • This is where you'll find me this Saturday morning after my swim, I can't wait.
  • Save your sanity with these time-saving tips

xx Jaclyn