Link Love // The Friday Files


Posting a bit late tonight as I'm down in Melbourne for work, currently indulging in room service and trash TV - the perfect weekend combo. My mind is feeling a bit overloaded at the moment and it's been one of those weeks where I just can't seem to get control over my inbox. Have you ever had those days where it feels like one step forward, two steps back? Well the battle of the inbox continues and I truly believe that nothing gets you back on track like a good night's sleep so that is priority number one tonight. Then it's a busy weekend ahead at the trade shows here in Melbourne and I'll be squeezing in email catch up in my spare time. Before signing off I'm sharing some link love that I hope inspires you this weekend...

  • Struggling with productivity? These tools will help.
  • It's time to get shit done. Here's how to start.
  • If I was home in the US, I'd be going to this.
  • The #1 rule to growing your blog tribe.
  • One of my new favourite blogs to read.
  • Are you crediting photos properly? You should be. A must read

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