Take care of the greatest asset in your business - YOU!

By Anna-Nicole Del-Re

Running your own business can be one of the most rewarding things you have ever achieved in your life but running your own business doesn’t come without stress. There is the worry of do I have enough clients? Keeping your team motivated and achieving what you need them to do. Paying the bills can also bring stress levels to an all time high. Taking this all into consideration, putting yourself first can really be the last thing on your mind. 

As a leader and business owner, it is imperative that you stay strong and healthy and don’t burn out; fall sick or else your business could really suffer as a result. 

Here are some great tips of how to take good care of you as a business owner:

1. Exercise- Kick off your morning before you start your working day with a fast paced walk, run, yoga or personal training session. This is a great way to not only keep your health in check but you will feel motivated and focused when you start your working day. We are normally exhausted after a working day, so getting exercise in first thing in the morning is a great way to keep up an ongoing exercise regime. 

2. Book a Massage- At least once a month or more if you can, book a nice relaxing massage. Find someone who knows your body and who can identify where to release tension. For one hour you can switch off and walk out feeling relaxed and re-energised. When you go for your appointment, schedule your next one in then and there. That way it is already in your diary and you have some “me time” locked in every month. 

3. Drink Water- It’s a basic piece of advice but drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day keeps you hydrated and gives you more energy. Fill a jug up first thing in the morning and drink that throughout the day. Even schedule into your diary a reminder so if your day runs away with you, this will keep you in check. (Throw in a piece of lemon to make the taste even better.) 

4. Block Out Time- Schedule a time in your day where it's all about you and your work. Constant interruptions with phone calls, emails and meetings can get overwhelming. Give yourself some headspace to tick things off your list and get through the tasks that are important to you not everyone else. 

4. Meditation- One of the best ways to calm the mind, meditation is a powerful tool for high achieving entrepreneurs. Purchase some guided meditations and you will feel a million dollars afterwards with a clear mind. It is also a great way to allow new ideas to come through and give you new areas of focus and drive.  

5. Switch off on weekends- Yes we love our work as entrepreneurs but make sure it doesn't become your whole life. Make time for catching up with friends and family and enjoying the simple things like going to the movies, reading a book and relaxing at the beach. If you work all weekend there will come a time when you might end up resenting your work because you have allowed no time for you. 

6. Find a Hobby- Give yourself something that you look forward to outside of your work. Something that you are also passionate about and you feel motivated to do each week. Maybe take up a short course, learn to sail, enjoy a new sport or do something crafty. 

7. Invest in a Life/Business Coach- This is such an important investment if you are running your own business. This person is your soundboard and will help you stay on task to achieve those life and business goals that are so important to you. As your business is a big part of your life you will feel so much better being able to express your feelings to someone who is on the outside and not involved in your business. They will become a great support and mentor for you and someone you truly value in your life. 

8. Eat Well- A nutritious diet full of wholefoods is great to keep your mind stimulated. Steer away from processed sugars, heavy carbohydrates that make you sleepy and sluggish. Create a weekly meal plan and even go see a nutritionist or dietitian who can help you create the best meal plan for your schedule. 

With all this in mind, always remember you are the greatest asset in your business. Your success is inspiring to others and the world needs you to keep doing what you love. Take good care of you mind, body and soul and the universe will always give you more. 

What you do to take better care of yourself as a business owner?

Anna-Nicole Del-Re loves to be creative and organised. She loves projects and most of all loves seeing people and businesses like yours reach their true potential, achieving business success. She's brought over 10 years of experience together and formed Creative Empire, a business support service to help you with all your business ideas, planning and execution. She believes building a business is one of the most creative things you can do and she can’t wait to share the journey and help you build your empire.

Photo Credit: Unsplash