Do you feel worthy of self-care?

By Tara Caetano

Self-care. If you’re like me, you see this word thrown around a lot, and whilst you know it’s important and vital if you want to keep your head above water when shit gets crazy (because shit always gets crazy, no matter how much we pray for calm seas), we often only reach into our self care kit when things are starting to feel a little too much. When the late nights and square eyes are getting the best of us and we feel that little nudge inside telling us to get back on the self-care bandwagon and recharge our batteries. Which is a very good thing; being aware of your tipping point and knowing when to pull back from work, no matter how much you love it, is something that so many people ignore. But what if you could take self-care one step further?

Sure, a beach walk or bubble bath is always going to be a good idea in my opinion, as is a social media detox or an early nights sleep. If these are currently part of your self-care regime then big kudos to you, you’re onto a good thing. But take note of the times when you are reaching for these pick me ups. Is it when things have started to feel out of control? Perhaps when you've realised you've spent more time online in the last week than with your family? Or you've lost feeling in your butt from sitting at your desk 24/7?

I know the feeling. Life and biz begins to reach boiling point, before you sense it is about to overflow and you bring things right down again by flicking the off switch and throwing in some self care. Often repeating this same cycle over and over, always seeing how far you can stretch out the highs before you know you need to once again retreat with some extreme self care practice simply to once again catch your breath. But beyond all that, you do it because you adore your business and it reflects everything you love and believe in. You want to give it your all and not miss a beat. Whilst understanding that you in fact are your business, and so self-care is a must to make sure you can show up each day for your tribe.

But what if you didn’t have to wait until you reached your boiling point before throwing in some self-care? What if you strived to instead keep your life and biz at somewhat of a ‘simmer’ so as to avoid those intense and debilitating highs at your boiling point, and hence reduce the need for such drastic lows where you find yourself swearing to not look at a computer for 5 days, as you explain your blog-break to your readers in order to once again find your mojo? What if you chose to add self-care to the mix so you could not only show up for your tribe each day, but first and foremost, show up for yourself?

What if self-care wasn’t just the medicine we reach for, but instead the daily fuel we live off to help us live each day as the best human we can possibly be, not just the best blogger/businesswomen we can be?

Because here’s the thing, self-care; be it nature walks, sleep, time alone, time with friends, retreats, whatever your go-to self-care practice involves – does not require you to work for it. Self-care does not require you to earn the right to experience it whenever you please. Self-care is not your reward, your relief, or your after-thought. It is the juice that you need to live on this earth and be the best person you can be, and you are completely and utterly worthy of it.

I’ll repeat; You are worthy of self-care. It’s as simple as that.

And that little nugget of knowledge is exactly what keeps bloggers from being behind the screen past bedtime. That is what helps bloggers say no to the work, commitments and opportunities that don’t align with their lifestyle choices or values. And that is what helps bloggers show up online as not only a leader in their field or go-to resource for inspiration; but as someone who empowers their readers to love themselves, simply via leading by example.

When you acknowledge your worth and live in accordance with it, you immediately give others the opportunity to do the same. And as writers who have the ability to reach people far and wide, at any time of the day, we have been blessed with an incredible gift. To fill up your own self-care cup can spread love around the world. And who doesn’t want to be a part of that?

So begin to take note of how self care plays out for you this week. When does it appear in your calender, if at all, and what drives you to put it in gear. Ask yourself: Do I feel worthy of self-care? And let that be your compass as you choose to make more time for the very things that keep you thriving.

Tara Caetano is a health & lifestyle coach and writer at Feed Me with a raging desire to inspire women to make this life their bitch and live the lifestyle they have always dreamed of. Dig in and connect with her on Facebook and Instagram.