Link Love // The Friday Files

What a whirlwind week and judging by the emails that have landed in my inbox you guys are feeling it too. Ideas are hatching, time is flying and it all feels a bit crazy doesn't it? For me and the team we've been busy launching new events out into the world (yay!), writing a new e-book (shhh more on that later!) and catching up over wine with some of my students from our Digital Bravery course.  

It's been an emotional and creatively exhausting week but I feel good and ready to soak up this weekend with friends and some exciting biz happenings & events. What's on your agenda this weekend? Share below and grab a cup of tea and enjoy the link love below....

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  • Oh my love of events (and cacti) grows after seeing this stunning display 
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Christmas In July Luxury Country Workshop Announced // Event


More exciting news to announce today! I'm teaming up again with good friend, Eat Read Love as she hosts a beautiful 'Christmas in July' Styling and Photography Workshop at Royalla Luxury Farmstay this Winter.

You are invited to join me and a very special team for this Full Day Workshop in the Country on July 4 and limited TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW 

I'll be joined by some of my favourite team of experts for an inspiring day in the country where you will learn the art of collaboration, hands on experience styling a beautiful space and table, sharing a Christmas in July feast and then spending the afternoon learning to photograph your food and surrounding areas. At the end of the workshop you will walk away with some styling techniques, manual digital photography skills and have a wonderful time connecting with fellow bloggers, and creative souls over a delicious French style lunch in the country. It will be only a small group of people so you have plenty of time for one on one chats with our expert group sessions and with fellow guests. 


The workshop includes the following topics:

*How to Host a Soulful Gathering, with Eat Read Love & Blog Society
Nat and I will spend the morning talking with you about the art of collaborating, tips and tricks for hosting your own intimate gathering or special event, social media hints and tips and more. This will be an open session where you can ask questions and enjoy an interactive discussion with our hosts and guests. 

*Styling your Table, with Lisa Madigan
Lisa Madigan, artist and stylist will be sharing some wonderful tips on styling your own beautiful space and table. More than just making things look beautiful, it's about threading a story throughout your environment & really bringing a space to life. A little hands on floristry & foraging, the art of editing & collating props & pieces & of course polishing up the end result. Together with Lisa you will help bring our magical Christmas in July table setting to fruition as well as gather a few home styling tips in and around the grounds of the stunning Royalla property.

*Noël en Juillet Christmas in July Feast

*Food Photography Workshop, by Luisa Brimble 
Marios Kitchen will prepare a beautiful French Style "Noël en Juillet" Wintery feast by the fire. Here you will work together with photographer Luisa Brimble to learn the art of food photography, mastering the ariel shot, getting a great instagram photograph, using your manual settings to get the best shot and more. We will then enjoy a long table French inspired long Christmas lunch prepared by Mario together as a group. 

*Landscape/Interiors Photography Workshop, by Luisa Brimble
Luisa Brimble, acclaimed event photographer and instagram legend will continue her hands on photography workshop, walking around the farm cottage, teaching you the art of photographing food, gardens, interiors and landscapes with different manual camera settings to suit indoor and outdoor shooting. You might collect fresh eggs, visit a vegetable garden, wander down the paddock to a wombat hole, and share an afternoon tea picnic by a blissful weir before taking in the beautiful views across the valley. 

Bonfire Finale
Then we will then gather around the campfire as the sun sets to enjoy some toasted marhsmallows and red wine by the fire, learning to take photos on manual in low light while we share our highlights from the day before we say goodbye.

Hope you can join us!   

A Look Back // Melbourne Modern Calligraphy with Lulu Lucky


When running a business it's pretty incredible to look back and see milestones or moments achieved that had at one time seemed impossible. When I first drafted the idea for a blogging community driven by online and offline workshops I had a list of a few 'dream' events that I wanted to make happen. Calligraphy was one of them.  I was so lucky to team up with Kara from Lulu Lucky to host 3 sold out events last year. It was a dream collaboration and I loved every minute of working with Kara - who for those that don't know is so full of happy energy, enthusiasm and endless inspiration. The woman is a talent force to be reckoned with and it was such fun dreaming up these workshops together.

We took our calligraphy show on the road and hit Melbourne, hosting our workshop at the amazing Pop & Scott studio. It was such a fun day and I can't wait to host more workshops - if you're keen on another collaboration between Blog Society & Lulu Lucky please comment below and I'll see what we can do to bribe Kara down from Brisbane - or perhaps another Blog Society road trip is in order?


Blog Biz: Headshot & Creative Photo Session


Let me start today by painting a picture...and raise your hand if you can relate to the following:

  • Your current headshot involves a hairstyle that you had 3 years ago.
  • You don't have a decent photo of yourself so instead your profile pic is a snap of your cute shoes...or a photo that involves you wearing sunglasses (I used to be guilty of this one)
  • You bribed your partner, sister, friend - none of whom are photographers - to take your last headshot and the final image is slightly blurry, but it will do.
  • You read cool blogs and admire their amazing self portraits - so jealous.
  • You're shy and hate being in front of the camera - cue awkward smile and strange body posture.

If you can relate to any of the points above then you're in good company because most of the bloggers I know have been too. If it makes you feel any better I used to be guilty of every single one of those points. Blogging is a strange thing - you spend hours typing furiously away on your keyboard, expressing opinions and pouring your heart out confidently - only to freeze when it comes to showing the real you. The actual, in the flesh, flaws and all, you.

I believe in putting a face to a name - which isn't to say your business or blog should be selfie central - but there is a time and a place to showcase the talent behind the blog and that's when a confident, fun headshot that you absolutely love comes into play. All of these feelings above sparked the concept for our Creative Portrait Session Workshop and I'm happy to be bringing it back to Sydney again on 22 November.

This is a FUN session - for bloggers, biz owners, creatives or anyone who just wants a headshot that is less formal, and more creative. We do the serious too but only if you want to. Think colourful, natural photos that capture your true essence taken by my favourite photo couple in the world - Lisa & Pete from And A Day. These two are all about making you feel comfortable and I promise they can loosen up even the most shy and bashful to feel confident behind the lens. Usually you're too busy laughing at them to noticed they've snapped that 'in the moment' shot you're going to love.

So if you're finally thinking it's time to update the headshot or website 'About Us' page or you just want to send out a super cute shot for the Christmas card - this workshop is for you. Small, intimate and timed so everyone gets plenty of one on one time with our photographers, I promise it's going to be a great afternoon. For information is available here.


Vivid Sydney The Retreat // Wrap Up


The morning of our Vivid Sydney: Blog Society Retreat event was filled with sunshine and an incredible energy felt by everyone in the room. It was a telltale sign of good things to come and after pouring so much of my heart and soul into planning this blog event, I was so, so pleased with how the workshop turned out and the learning that was shared.

I credit that outcome to the attendees that came ready to learn, ask questions and absorb information and to my incredible line-up of speakers and moderators all of whom shared advice and information openly, honestly and doused with wit and humour.  We talked about the business of blogging, SEO, working with brands, personal challenges, the highs and lows, the tipping point for making money and doing it for the shear love of connection.  We sipped coffee with one of the best views in Sydney, swapped stories, walked away with goodie bags filled to the brim with brands I am proud to collaborate with and took notes until our hands hurt.

As with most big events in life, it went by in a blur and we could have stayed their talking and learning for hours - don't worry another event is already in the works for next year!  All in all it went down as the event I've been most proud to host and I can't wait to do it all again soon. A humble thank you to all of you who supported the event and got involved - our community wouldn't exist with your shared passion.

The Retreat-0100.jpg