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Link Love // The Friday Files

Feeling full of thoughts today and few words – does that happen to you too? As bloggers and entrepreneurs we so often consume and create that sometimes it helps to just slow down and be still. To think rather than write, to observe rather than pin or post or update.

This weekend I’ll be back in creation mode as we fully prep for our Digital Bravery E-course launch happening on the 13 June – it’s been a flurry of excitement at Blog Society HQ as we get ready to welcome another round of students from around the world and look to kick start those business dreams that may have fallen silent since our new years resolutions slipped away. So I encourage all of you to sit quietly, to think about where you are today, how you want to feel and see if you have dreams yet realized or goals not yet chased. It’s not too late to make them happen…happy weekend everyone. xx

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Link Love // The Friday Files

The universe can be a funny place can’t it? I’m realizing this more than ever after putting a few wonderful things out into the world this week, only to have been met with such incredible responses and reactions. Wow. Ask and you shall receive, never underestimate the power of manifestation.

I’ve also been getting some pretty strong signs about new directions to explore and paths to follow…I’ve got a feeling the next few months will see some new adventures unfold and I couldn't be more excited. After last week’s family trip to Bryon I returned feeling refreshed, full of wanderlust and if I’m honest, a bit slack in tackling the to do list so this weekend I’m going to dive in and get a few of those big items off my list. But first, I’m going to enjoy a cosy night at home with my better half complete with homemade pizza,  a glass of wine and no computer in sight.

Here’s to asking for what you want (and need) – and kicking big goals this weekend.  Link love to keep you inspired below…

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Link Love // The Friday Files


Business can be messy, frustrating, overwhelming and exhausting.

Hands up if you’ve ever felt the same? I’ve always been one to celebrate failure as much as our success but I’m on a mission this year to also embrace vulnerability and be able to talk about the things we often hide behind. I’ve been reading some incredible posts from fellow biz owners, owning their feelings and I love how these collective experiences make us all feel human, that our bad days are normal and will pass. That our creative energy and focus will return and that is simply is okay to get some extra sleep and take care of ourselves.

I was reminded of this last night especially as I was lucky enough to be part of a panel at General Assembly talking about How To Become A Full Time Blogger and the room was buzzing with busy, creative and passionate women chasing their dreams. It was the exact environment I thrive in and left feeling renewed and refocused.

Lots happening this weekend so there will be no slowing down just yet but I’m feeling good about what’s on my plate. Our Digital Bravery E-course is open for enrollment for a new April class (but hurry that closes tomorrow night!) and we’re on the hunt for our first Blog Society intern and I’ve been blown away but the incredible applications. Finally on a personal note we’re house hunting in Sydney which is an exciting and scary process given the real estate market here but trusting in the universe to find us just the right place. Here’s hoping you have an adventure filled weekend ahead…

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Link Love // The Friday Files


The weekend has arrived and with it the endless possibility for adventure. I'm looking forward to hosting our first make-up workshop tomorrow and then taking some time to kick back, enjoy some fresh air and catch up on some blog reading that has been neglected and that will most certainly provide a kick of inspiration.

I've made a few exciting decisions about Blog Society this week, some personal investment in energy and hard work that I'm both nervous and excited about - typically a telltale sign that you're moving in the right direction. Fingers crossed. It was a week of learning, of failing forward and getting back on track. It was also a busy week in the blogosphere and I had a hard time narrowing down which posts I wanted to share as there seems to be some great content out there at the moment - hope you enjoy this week's link love below and embrace the adventure this weekend...

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Link Love // The Friday Files


I finally feel like I've hit my stride this winter. It was slow going a few weeks back where I just couldn't help but slow down however my weeks are back to be busy and truth be told, it's just the way I like it. Do you know the feeling? Where you have these bursts of energy and the ideas keep coming? It's a great feeling and one I'm trying to just let happen. I'm also slowly getting back into a healthy routine, I'm enjoying time in the kitchen cooking (and let's face it, drooling over Pinterest for recipe inspiration) and trying to get back into a running/yoga routine (this admittedly is taking longer to happen) but overall things are good, and I hope they are for you too.

This weekend I'm taking a break with the Mr. and heading into the city for a staycation. I can't wait. We're going to play tourist in our own city and I'm looking forward to a glass of red and a long sleep in on Sunday, it is after all, all about balance.  Check out below some link love before I sign off..

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