The Friday Files

Floating into this week after a blissful babymoon in Noosa and truth be told it's been a little difficult getting back to reality this week after such a lovely break.  

With the exception of a few Instagram posts I actually took my own advice and chilled out, put the laptop away and really disconnected. The end result was a relaxing, soul-filled, loved up weekend with my partner and a chance to sit back and really soak up some deep thoughts about where this business is headed and what's in store over the next few months after the little one arrives. It's exciting, slightly terrifying and thrilling to explore the unknown and allow it to unfold exactly as it should.

This refresh has left me in a great mindset heading into the weekend which is a good thing as next week is set to be BIG.  Our next round of Digital Bravery is set to launch Monday and I'm so excited but there is so much to be done before that so I'll be working through the weekend and putting all the final touches on what will probably be my only course launch this year.

AND I have some other news to share!

I have teamed up with this amazing lady to give our website a long overdue facelift - check it out here and let me know what you think!

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to check some of my fav link love from the week below...xx Jac

  • Obsessing over this pilates studio I discovered while away
  • I'm really keen to explore more about kinesiology & business alignment - have you tried it? ⠀
  • Digital Bravery launches on Monday - this is my 'must do' pre-launch ritual
  • I need a little more hygge in my life
  • A few tips on how to grow your network
  • I'm a huge advocate for when bloggers get vulnerable - and real. 

The Friday Files

Happy Friday guys! As I write this I'm currently in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland where for the past week I've been blissfully chilled out in baby moon mode.

This means I've (tried) to stay away from laptop and emails but nevertheless wanted to pop in today so say hello, share some of the gems from this part of the world and of course keep you inspired with what's caught my eye in the land of link love.

I'll keep this short and sweet but this time away has really made me think about self-care and the need to slow down. Often it takes a big moment like a baby moon or holiday or illness for us to truly disconnect and give ourselves permission to shut off.

Never ending to-do lists and obligations keep us working at full speed, all.the.time and it's something I'm absolutey guilty of. Being pregnant you have a responsibility to take care of yourself but I'm urging all of you to take a moment and be still this week. You don't need a babymoon to slow down, and that is been a complete eye opener for me this week. Here's to carrying a bit of calm and slow back to the big city upon my return and encouraging you take a bit of time for 'you' this weekend too.

Enjoy below...x Jac

  • Loving this series on real talk from biz mamas sharing their honest advice
  • Did you see our free list building ecourse is live? Check it out here
  • Because everything is better with a kitchen dance party playlist on hand
  • Digital calendars are a life saver, this might convince you too.
  • An April moodboard to sum up all the feels
  • I'm updating our laundry room and using this image as inspo #goals
  • This past week summed up in one photo (p.s. I never want to leave)

The Friday Files

What a week...I've officially entered my third trimester so it's business and motherhood on the brain big time. If any of you mamas out there have any advice on how to balance the biz side of things while these final weeks speed past I'd love to hear it :)

For now I luckily still have my energy flowing and have felt wonderful this entire pregnancy so feeling blessed especially as I've taken on a few big projects coming up - aka website rebrand and launching of Digital Bravery on 1 May.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love pouring my heart and soul into Blog Society and there seems to be a need for connection and empowerment more than ever if you ask me.

The market is flooded with information, tips, tools and everything under the sun to tell you how exactly you should be skyrocketing your own path to success. I've always wanted Blog Society to be a haven from that chaos, where the courses, products or events that I offer bring calm to the madness and motivation rather than overwhelm to your already busy lives. It's something that has remained at the forefront of my mind as I've gone through the rebrand process and something that I will continue to prioritize even more now that motherhood is impending and my time becomes more scarce.

It's all about quality, connection and strengthening those relationships with our community. So these are the thoughts that have been flooding my mind recently and I hope to be back next week with some exciting news about the new site design - as well as a hello from up the coast where I'll be spending my baby moon. Bring on the beach walks, pregnancy massage and afternoon naps!  I'll be taking a little break while I can but of course posting on Instagram because Noosa is too pretty not to share.

In the meantime I've left you with some of my fav link love - have a wonderful weekend. xx Jac

  • I'm in major redecorating mode and obsessed with these prints (I want them all)
  • Feeling overworked and on the edge of burnout? This message will help.
  • Growing your email list should be priority #1 - this will help if you're feeling behind
  • Heading here for our baby moon next week - bring on the naps and afternoon swims
  • I've been doing this every night and sleeping better for it - definitely recommend
  • An interesting take on the concept of 'free' that really got me thinking...
  • This launches on 1 May and I'm counting the days!

The Friday Files

So April has arrived.


I have no idea how it's possibly April already (wasn't it JUST January??) and while that makes my head spin, the fact remains a new month is freshly upon us and I'm actually enjoying the change in season that seems to have landed here in Sydney. The air is a bit cooler and I'm loving the bright, early morning energy that I've experienced so far (let's see how long that lasts).

I've had the beautiful privilege this week to work with two coaching clients - both from different parts of the world but with equally powerful stories. I often find that I learn just as much from my clients as I hope to teach them. It's incredibly moving to watch as they progress on their business journey and it made me think about all the ways that as a female entrepreneur we need to lean on and support one another as so often the challenges we face are shared amongst our tribe. 

I've also been head down into rebranding this website which I'm beyond excited about. I've been longing for a change to this space and I can't wait to freshen things up as I plan to take Blog Society in some exciting new directions later this year. I'm really loving what my designer and I have been working on so stay tuned as I hope to reveal all very soon.  That rebranding work will continue into the weekend as well as some final prep before we get ready to launch Digital Bravery in May, I'm on a mission to get organised for this launch as I'll be on my baby moon end of April and I plan on totally disconnecting and blissing out by the beach (bring it on!) 

Until then it's full steam ahead...here's to a wonderful weekend whether you're in relaxation mode or powering through the to-do list, either way enjoy the link love below. xx Jac

  • Women shy away from self-promotion and I'm on a mission to change that, starting here
  • I'm hosting one last round of Digital Bravery before the little bub arrives, class kicks off 1 May
  • Totally connected to this powerful podcast about identity and the need for continued growth
  • Finally learning how to use my new camera lenses, this bag is great to keep them organised
  • I adore the idea of a mother's blessing, such a beautiful tradition don't you think? 
  • This is my kind of party
  • Digging this advice on ageing, a beautiful reminder that there is beauty in the process
  • Work/life balance tips that actually seem doable
  • I'll be making these this weekend, yum!

The Friday Files

I'm welcoming Friday with open arms this week - anyone else feeling the same?

It's been a full week.

I'm trying to refrain from using the word 'busy' because it seems so overused these days and instead reframe the moments I pack into my days as full because that's really what they are. It's my choice to squeeze in as much as I can or do as little as I please so I'm focusing on taking ownership of these decisions and not blaming the art of being busy. And this week saw a combination of both.  Earlier in the week this mama to be slowed down in order to take care of myself and allow for much needed rest and then the next few days flowed in full marketing mode.

I've found that really tapping into my marketing roots is where I tend to flourish and find so much satisfaction. Funny how when you hit your sweet spot everything begins to fall in place right? Manifesting at it's finest. So often my focus is helping to guide my clients on their own personal marketing journey so it was really refreshing to turn that energy inward and start to work on refreshing this space here - a project long overdue and that I can't wait to reveal soon!

On the cards this weekend is a little glamping trip up the coast and hopefully some beach swims, bush walks, camp fires and fresh air. I can't wait - and it makes the long days this week all worth hit. I hope you've found your own groove this week and have carved out some all important down time for the days ahead.  Here's some link love to get you ready for weekend mode..enjoy! x Jac

  • Need a marketing boost? Our free Marketing Maven Bootcamp kicks off 1 April - wanna join us?
  • SO excited to be working with this gal on a little website facelift - stay tuned!
  • Strong branding is everything - which is why I'm OBSESSED with this biz chick!
  • Can't wait to escape the hustle & bustle of the city this weekend - we're off glamping!
  • I'm focused on planning our baby moon - how great is this guest house?
  • This new purchase has saved my sleep (and reduced my anxiety) - hint lavender is my fav!
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