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Link Love // The Friday Files


I’ve thought a lot this week about productivity and where motivation stems from. For me personally, ensuring I have a solid support system in place and a strong focus on (realistic yet challenging) goals helps keep me on track and moving in the right direction. But it’s also okay to lose sight of those goals. Strangely enough when that focus begins to blur, I find that’s when my inner strength and determination kick in to refuel that motivation and sometimes a glass of wine or a good night’s sleep is all you need. The one thing I’ve realised is that's okay to let your mind and heart off the hook for a bit and just allow yourself to breathe. After a particularly inspiring conversation yesterday that sparked a flood of ideas, I sat down last night to write down my goals and have firmly placed them front and center on my mood board – ensuring they are never out of sight and to continually remind me of where I want to go.

This weekend I’ll be up to my eyeballs in confetti, balloons and splashes of colour as I finish the final prep for our workshop tomorrow and then I hope to grab a few quiet moments to put the final touches on a few posts I’ve been working on.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be changing up some of the content here and adding in a few new series that are close to my heart and that I hope resonate with you – as I can personally relate to the ups and downs of blogging/business life and have a ton of tips, advice and info I’d love to share (and always encourage you to do the same). Never under estimate the power of sharing and learning from one another and that is why writing this post each week is something I truly look forward to.  The world is bursting with inspiration and as I a blogger I absolutely absorb this visual feast like a sponge but there is only so much time in a day. So consider The Friday Files series to be a cheat sheet to blogging goodness – a quick snapshot of what’s happening in the blogging world, people to watch, news we don’t want you to miss and links to love and hold close.  Happy reading and here’s to a wonderful weekend… 

  • This is what blogger summertime dreams are made of.
  • Ready to step out of your comfort zone? This event is for you.
  • I’d love to pick this woman’s brain over tea one afternoon – wish we lived closer!
  • The secrets of some of the most successful women I know.
  • What does your office look like? Unfortunately mine looks nothing like this (but I wish it did).

Link Love // The Friday Files


Happy Friday! Just popping in to say hello before we sign off for the weekend. It's been an energetic week as we put the final touches on our brand new Blogger Headshot workshop - something I've been working on for a while and am so excited to see come to life, confetti and all. We've also got a few fun new classes up our sleeve that will be unveiled soon!

Well the plans for this weekend are low key and I'm looking forward to catching up on some writing, quilting and taking full advantage of these chilly winter days which are perfect for relaxing.  I hope you take some time to rest and enjoy all the things you love , here are some gems I just had to share for this week's link love...

  • Wishing you had a cool headshot? We're launching this fun new workshop for bloggers.
  • In my dreams the future Blog Society office looks like this.  
  • This series has become a winter night guilty pleasure.
  • Need some extra rest and time for renewal this winter? You're not alone.
  • Must read advice for the newbie blogger.