#blogtribe // Keeping Our Doors Open


Taking a small detour from the norm today talk about the oh so hush, hush side of blogging: advertising & sponsorship.

Let's face it, rightly or wrongly, there is still a huge amount of guilt attached to earning revenue from blogging. A sense of unease or confusion - do you feel it? There remains a whispered tone when talking about sponsored posts, blog traffic, PR contacts - anything that is tied to money and I get it. I feel it too, for many of us we're in uncharted waters, uncertainly slaps us in the face at every turn and we want to remain true and loyal to you, our dear readers, at the same time. The solution? In my humble opinion the more we talk about it the better, the stigma fades and we move forward. Slow, small steady steps in the right direction.

You also may have noticed that I've shared a couple of partner posts and affiliate links recently so I wanted be clear with you so you know what to expect from me in the future - and be assured that my readers and community will always be #1.  In order to keep blogging our heart out and creating value-led workshops, we do need to have some money coming in to support the endless hours this space requires - I know you guys understand - but we'll always be upfront about this as trust is everything and I only work with brands and partners that I know you guys will love and will benefit our community as a whole.

I wanted to get this off my chest and would love to hear your feedback on the topic if you feel like sharing. I also wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the partners who have supported us this month & next and encourage you to show them some love today: 

Martine Gallery, Farm & Pretty, My Handcrafted Soaps, Why Hello Beauty

If you are interested in partnering with us on a variety of levels and opportunities we'd love to talk to you. We also have a few advertising spots opening in October/November, perfect for small biz budgets. Please feel free to get in touch with Jaclyn@blogsociety.com.au.