Shop // Blog Love Studio Is Officially OPEN!

The day has arrived and I'm SO excited to let you know that Blog Love Studio is LIVE and officially open for business!

As I've mentioned before (and you would have seen on social media) this is a project that we've collaborating on with Amanda Fuller from Kaleidoscope Blog and can't wait to finally share with the rest of the world. We are so grateful for all the positive support and feedback we've had on the shop and hope you'll love it just as much as we do.

What You'll Find:

Our mission when launching Blog Love Studio was bring back the blog love and provide you with well-designed, biz savvy tools to get your blog or business back on track. We believe in soul-centred blogging, tribe building and the power of possibility and have created a ton of beautifully designed planners, checklists, and resources that will help you fall back in love with blogging. Designs for bloggers, by bloggers - all made with love.

We believe that getting organised shouldn’t be a boring process and invite you to check out the studio today...happy shopping!

blog love studio 02

Blog Playlist // Are You Ready To Feel The Blog Love?

Today I'm here to talk about two topics that I believe strongly in - firstly the transformative power of collaboration and secondly the connective thread of music.  These two forces, when joined together, can create some pretty incredible blog magic and that's what I'm so excited to finally share with you today.

Earlier this year, fellow blogging pal Amanda Fuller of Kaleidoscope Blog and I were brainstorming ideas on how to collaborate. Amanda approached me with an idea and I shot back another - we went on like this for a series of weeks, creating new, fun ways to team up and luckily shared a similar vision with what we wanted to do and bring to the blogging community.

With a shared passion for kick ass design (Amanda's forte), stationery and empowering bloggers we set off to create our new collaboration - Blog Love Studio - an online resource & shop where bloggers can scoop up design savvy, organising resources, made with love. While Blog Love Studio hasn't officially launched (don't worry that's happening SOON and we'll make sure you hear about it first) we did want to celebrate this announcement by sharing the blog love and what better way than through the power of music?  So without further adieu (and thanks to our combined communities for their song suggestions and dedications) we give you the Blog Love Studio Love Song Playlist - songs created from your suggests that are soulful, groove worthy and might just send you down memory lane.

So go on and have a listen, don't forget to share the love and watch out for more Blog Love Studio news coming your way soon!

Link Love // The Friday Files


Well doesn’t it just feel great to be Friday? I’m so ready for the weekend and as you’ll soon tell from the list below I’m  feeling particularly inspired this morning – to eat better, blog better, move more, worry less and just make every day count. Rather than trying to figure out the big picture all at once I’m going to take small, meaningful steps to get where I’m going and hopefully the path in front of me will be an adventure, it certainly has been so far.  So here’s to your own weekend adventure, I hope it’s a great one.  Below you’ll find some inspiration from around the blogosphere that moved me enough to share…hope it does the same for you.

  • In my attempt to be better at eating breakfast, I’ll be making this recipe this weekend.
  • These are the types of business women I admire.
  • Proud to see this passion-fueled project come to life, well done Luisa Brimble.
  • In honour of Father’s Day in the US I’ve got your gift guide covered.
  • If your business or blog needs a boost this newly discovered blog is a must read.
  • Behind the blog scene with one of our fav bloggers.

News // Introducing The Blog Society Shop on GREAT.LY


Sometimes a phone call really can change everything.

Earlier this year I got a call from New York, it was the brilliant Sarah Bryden-Brown on the other end telling me about a new project she was working on and asking if I was keen to get involved.  Before she even finished the question I was in. 

After months of hard work by her and her team, their exciting launch project is finally here and I’m over the moon to be a part of it and can’t wait to share with you today (drum roll please)… our very own Blog Society Shop on GREAT.LY

So GREAT.LY is an amazing new online market place that brings together makers and tastemakers to work together online to share products from all over the world. In a word it’s about creative collaboration - everything that speaks to my heart.

I’ve been keeping this news secret for SO long and it feels amazing to finally make the announcement and tell the world about this great new concept – which goes global today!  I’ve dreamed of being able to set up shop and support incredible designers and makers from around the world – now it’s actually happening and I can’t wait to bring my top picks ranging from all my blogging ‘lust-haves’ to the cutest party accessories and office goodies around.  I’ll be sharing beautiful things that catch my eye, make my heart skip a beat and that I promise you'll fall in love with. I hope to introduce you to some rad brands from the US and beyond as well as some local favs! I’m so happy, this is the retail experience I would have designed for myself – but thankfully the talented team at GREAT.LY did it for me  - and made it much prettier.  I’ll be keeping the shop stocked with new and exciting products I hope you’ll love – so head over and have a look.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more about the wonderful makers in my shop and some of my fellow taste makers on the site including (pinch me!) - DesignLoveFest, Oh Happy Day, SF Girl By Bay and more!  So trust your gut when those good phone calls happen…something wonderful may be just around the corner.