Biz Mama // Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity Photoshoot

I don't often post too many deeply personal updates here on the blog - but with the impending arrival (any day now!) of our little bub I have a feeling that is all about to change. As I begin to shift and transform into the role of business woman and mother I find myself re-examining how best to forge this path for Blog Society and I'm excited about the prospect of change.

While I don't know exactly what this new direction will look like I do know that I will continue to be here to help support, guide and nurture other women along their own business journey, specifically as they navigate the marketing world.  I also am feeling called to be more personally present and to share more openly this journey as a new biz mama and the challenges that unfold over the coming months/year.  I've always been a fan of learning from each other and feel that sharing this new adventure is another way to dispel the often unrealistic expectations that women are held to.  

So to kick things off I wanted to share a little behind the scenes update on what's been happening in my world.  This pregnancy has been a joyful and gratitude filled 9 months, one that I'm personally sad to see go but at the same time am so excited for the chance to finally meet this little soul earth side.

We were so grateful to be able to capture this moment in time when Nikki from The Milk Teeth stopped by our house a few weeks back to snap some maternity photos.  I've always been one to feel extremely shy in front of the camera but Nikki had us completely at ease, laughing and having fun in the process.  Looking back now I am completely thrilled we decided to go for it as I couldn't be happier with how they turned out and the special moment in time they captured for us. We'll be able to share these photos with our little man in the future and I'm so thankful to Nikki for the opportunity. If you are in need of any family or lifestyle pics I can't recommend Nikki enough, she's top of her game and soooo fun to work with - I promise she'll have you laughing the entire time!

On a side note, thank you for all the kind words and notes of support about our pregnancy - it's been incredible to share this journey with all of you via social media and looking forward to more updates as soon as he arrives. In the meantime we'll continue to post killer content from around the globe to keep you inspired on your own business journey. 

xx Jac

Maternity Photoshoot 2
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The Friday Files

I'm back! Guys I have to admit that I have never felt so energized to sit down and write a post. If I'm being completely truthful this space has felt a bit distant to me lately, the desire to write and share just wasn't flowing and in an attempt to stay true to myself (and my word of 2017, 'Flow') I allowed that space to happen.

And the gap widened and suddenly months had passed and The Friday Files went on hiatus.

Until now. 

I've found that for many of us creativity energy ebbs and flows. There are times when we outwardly express ourselves and thrive off the creative energy that writing, reading and social media can offer and sometimes these channels can have the opposite effect where we need time to disconnect in order to replenish ourselves. No matter which stage you're in know that it's absolutely okay. You are where you need to be. I find it's best to embrace each time as both are needed in order to grow and move forward. As I've said here before many times, sometimes you need to slow down in order to speed up.

I am definitely in the creative phase and I have no idea if the impending arrival of my little bub has anything to do with this newfound energy (I expect it does and that it may be fleeting so I'm harnessing all I can for now) so expect to find me writing more, sharing more and creating more as the desire for connection is running deep.

After spending last weekend glued to my laptop in major ecourse prep, I can't wait to grab my other half and spend some time putting my feet in the sand. Summer is slipping into Autumn here in Sydney and I'm determined to enjoy those fleeting summer moments as long as I can. I hope you have an equally relaxing weekend planned and before I say goodbye (until next week that is) here is some link love that caught my eye this week:

  • Soul-care vs self-care: this podcast hit a personal note and blew my mind
  • An office makeover that I'd certainly be happy with!
  • Erin's post on finding your passion hit me HARD
  • This is where you'll find me this Saturday morning after my swim, I can't wait.
  • Save your sanity with these time-saving tips

xx Jaclyn

Self-Care For The Pregnant Blogger


By Loveday Why

Self care has at last, beautifully and naturally, come into my life during these last months of my pregnancy. I had a reasonably precarious start to this wonderful and surprise baby journey and, at one stage, was put ‘on rest’ for two months. Got to say, not even that slowed me down fully. 

I’m a naturally high energy person. The positive side is the get-it-done attitude and the creativity high; the not so helpful stuff can be the random afternoons spent feeling strung out or wiped out and, more seriously, on the brink of burn out. But today and yesterday have been self care days. Straight up. Ritual usually assists me, but these past couple of days I haven’t done anything in 

particular. A little light stretching, meditation, some relaxation tracks designed for hypnobirthing, spending time cuddling and connecting with my inside baby, writing a little, napping a little, getting outside into the sun a little, filling my body with hydrating smoothies and watching a trashy TV series. The union of zen and modern life with, at its core, carelessness. 

Because sometimes I think (for someone like me) even ‘self care’ can feel like a bit of a standard I need to live up to. If I note the warning signs and think: ‘Lovers, slow down. Go do the self care thing’ I can feel quite pressured about maximizing that time and really making it count. Whereas if I simply roll a rug out in the garden and gather some books and notebooks around me, often I’ll not open a single one. 

I’ll just stare at the sky, watch the leaves lifting, listen to the comforting chatter of the chickens, let a bee alight on me. These moments of total unstructured daydreaming stillness are the most pure form of self care for me. And I feel the relaxation pour through my body like a soothing drink for my soul. My grandfather used to say: ‘it is very important to just do nothing.’ After the war, he would sit staring out of the window for whole afternoons sometimes. Who knew what he was seeing? 

I expect if we had asked him though, he would have simply said: ‘I am seeing what is there.’ Because self care is private and it is exactly what you want and need it to be at the time. I have come to follow the moon in my self care, especially now baby is here. Full moon and new moon are intense periods of growth for this small bean, so these are naturally my slower times. I don’t rush now because there is someone else whom I simply cannot rush. Someone else who is doing more important work than I am. Someone who is co-creating their body with mine. To connect to the earth rhythms and the moon cycles is to see clearly that all things require periods of dormancy in which to regenerate. 

To have my baby guiding me already to a path of greater stillness, flexibility and pure carelessness or surrender, which to my mind is true self care, is a wonderful gift. 

Three top tips: 

  • Throw out the self-care guide book. Trust that your body will guide you into a state of complete surrender. If that means a day of absolutely nothing, so be it. Your self care doesn’t need an end game. 
  • Spend time outside in nature, walking slowly along a Winter beach while the waves roll in and out, or lying in a sunny garden while the clouds drift by. To change your perspective on life is key and nature is the best place to feel loved and wanted, yet wonderfully small. 
  • Relaxation meditation tracks on YouTube will help kick-start your self care and will wonderfully rapidly slow your mind, release adrenalin and allow for full body regeneration. 

Loveday is a writer, cook, dancer and coach, offering nutritional and spiritual wellness services from Dunedin, New Zealand. Specialising in helping those challenged by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, on her blog she shares healthy recipes and simple shifts into vibrant, heart-led living. Always on the move, always with an eye on the ocean, she is currently nesting in anticipation of her first baby coming into the world. You an find her blogging here, on Facebook or Instagram.

Image: Unsplash