one fine baby

Event // One Fine Baby

There is a huge difference in wanting to do something, dreaming about it, talking about it - and actually doing it. Taking that leap and creating action is a step I hugely admire in other bloggers and business owners. It's not an easy step, it's always scary, daring but the end result can be something incredible.

When I first heard about the launch of One Fine Baby, from the talented trio behind One Fine Day, I immediately knew it was going to be a huge success. I'm lucky enough to know these creative women personally. I know they have worked hard and pooled their creative talents and business skills to create a thriving business that is constantly reinventing itself and paving a new path for events here in Australia. I'm proud to have seen their success blossom first hand and can't wait to see their new venture take shape.

I'm even more excited to see it in person on 16 & 17 August when the show launches in Sydney. Are you going? I'll be there along with a ton of other bloggers (with or without kids) ready to soak up the most stylish children's products around.  It's Monday so get inspired and if you're sitting on the fence about to turn your dream into a reality I hope these ladies motivate you to take the next step. If you want to find out more about these biz savvy chicks or about One Fine Baby, check out their website where you can scoop up tickets.