Playlist Series // Let's Celebrate

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I'm a huge music lover so when I was planning our latest photo shoot workshop I knew immediately that music was a must. Not just any music, my type of music.  Cheesy, 80's, female-pop classics that you just can't help but love (don't judge me). I wanted to create a playlist that would put everyone at ease, that would make you smile and that would make you really, really want to dance to - even if it killed you to admit it.

When this playlist was on I was a step touch maniac, a blogger turned solid gold dancer and I've been playing it ever since.  While I blog, while I run, while I wash the dishes - I can't get enough. And so today I'm sharing it here and introducing our very first Blog Society Playlist - a montage of slightly off beat, wonderfully cheesy pop hits that make for the perfect party playlist. Let's celebrate!

Listen: Blog Party Playlist