The Decorating School Launch

The Decorating School
The Decorating School
The Decorating School
The Decorating School
The Decorating School
The Decorating School
The Decorating School

I'm a sucker for a well executed event and nothing is more exciting to me than bringing together clever business chicks in one room to network and collaborate. If the food and backdrop happen to be killer then that's even better.

Truth be told I've been lucky enough to attend some incredible events this year - and have been privy to see many happenings around the globe too - so moving forward I'll be sharing more of these industry events in a new 'Around Town' column launching in 2016 so stay tuned.

In the meantime I couldn't help but share an event (check out that centrepiece!) hosted by two dear friends in celebration of their new venture, The Decorating School.  The launch of The Decorating School came about because friends, Emma Blomfield and Sonya Pala, kept seeing people struggling to create living spaces that reflected their values and supported their lifestyle. With their combined interests, Emma & Sonya realised if they aligned their knowledge and expertise, they could create an inspiring and genuinely useful online resource to help spread the principles and values of amazing design far and wide - collaboration at it's finest!

Stay tuned as their their inaugural course, Plan, Decorate, Live is now live and designed to instil confidence and provide basic design principles. In such a visual world I absolutely love how they combined a beautiful offline event to honour and celebrate their work online. Well done ladies on a stellar launch - big things ahead for 2016! x Jac

Images: Susan Papazian

The Design Files Open House


If you've been following the Blog Society Instagram feed this past weekend you may have noticed an ambush of photos from our (not one, but TWO!) visits to The Design Files Open House, a unique and absolutely genius concept from blogger extraordinaire, Lucy Feagins from The Design Files.


For the past 2 years Lucy has brought her blog to life through a real-time retail event where her branding, aesthetic and keen eye for style come to life.  Her and her talented team, clear out an entire house, filling it with covet-able brands and products in a stunningly beautiful atmosphere. The catch? Everything is on sale, everything.  For the past two years, myself and half of Sydney have watched jealously from afar until this year she brought her clever team to Sydney in what can only be described as the blogging event of the year.


We were grateful to be invited to get a sneak peek and have little chat with Lucy herself, who has always been a supporter of Blog Society and is still one of the most down to earth, clever and humble bloggers we've had the pleasure of working with.  It was also inspiring to see her hard working team there by her side, providing yet again people that no man is an island - team and collaboration are key, they WILL take you further in your blogging career, trust me!


It was a truly inspiring visit, not only from a design perspective (the house was AMAZING) but for a blogger seeing what can be done in terms of taking your blog to the next level and turning it into something much larger than itself, to really see a brand take shape and develop is an admirable thing.  Well done Lucy & team - you impressed Sydney and we can't wait to welcome you back next year!

x Jaclyn

The Launch


After years of dreaming, months of planning, sleepless nights and early mornings I am proud to officially launch Blog Society.  We're hitting go, closing our eyes and waiting to see what happens.  

As most ideas do, it all started with a feeling, a gut feeling that could or is often pushed aside.  Self doubt and fear tend to creep in and squash those grand ideas or big dreams - but not this time.  I was determined to make this idea flourish, to see it though and most importantly where it would take me.


It was and is, a scary adventure and looking back to this post I first wrote on Little Paper Trees shows me how far we've come since hitting go.  So I'm glad you're here for the adventure, on this blog we'll be posting about news and inspiration on all things blogging, giving you behind the scenes glimpsed into our event and of course the full wrap up of each gathering so you can experience it for yourself...enjoy!

x Jaclyn

p.s - if you are a first time visitor to this brand spanking new site we'd love your feedback, thoughts or suggestions...feel free to send them to