How To Take Perfect Headshots


Your headshot is the window to your blog - what does yours say about you?

For ages I had an outdated, grainy and oh so embarrassing headshot because I was too confused and shy to get a decent one taken. Where to start? how to pose? what to wear - it was just too overwhelming so I did nothing. Then the idea popped into my head that if I was feeling like this so were other bloggers and thus the idea for a blogger headshot workshop was born.

Last week in Sydney we held our second headshot workshop, this time at The Commune Studio, and got together an incredible group of bloggers all ready to get in front of the lens. We had group shots with the girls from The Apartment, mother and daughter photos, crazy props and far too many laughs. I've realised over time that there are a few key ingredients to taking the perfect headshot:

  • Hilarious, talented and down to earth photographers
    I am so in love with Lisa & Pete from And A Day Photography I don't know where to start. These guys make you laugh, feel silly but most importantly comfortable, so the shots they get are natural, relaxed and absolutely stunning.
  • Confetti
    Okay so maybe not just confetti but anytime you throw some flower crowns, tassels and exposed brick in the mix it's going to be good. The idea is to have variety and make it fun - and how can you not have fun throwing confetti?
  • Champagne
    Need I say more? It  helps calm the nerves and loosens everyone up - an essential ingredient if you ask me.
  • Cheesy Dance Tunes
    I've shared my cheesy playlist here before but for any photo shoot music is a must and personally after a class of champagne and listening to Mariah Carey's Heartbreaker I'm ready for my close up.

I hope you'll join us for our next workshop as I certainly hope to host another one next year!