Blog Biz // Find Your Tribe Through Hashtags

By Bec Jerdan

A hashtag is a very powerful, often misused, tool that can help you spread your content, love, energy and
offering to more corners of the web – to find your tribe and grow your online community. 


Hashtags put your content in front of consumers searching for something they’re wanting to see more of, learn more about, join others in, contribute to, search and find content on. Hashtags allow you to join conversations.  Conversations about an event, a brand, an activity, a venue, a location, a town – anything at all! By hashtagging, your photo then joins the feed alongside other people’s photos of a similar nature, enabling it to be seen by more than just those following you. By strategically joining the right conversations - you’ll find new friends online in no time.

Stop with the hashtag overkill. Try not to go overboard. We’ve all seen accounts that hashtag everything under the sun; “I love summer #summer #sun # sunshine #happy #love #sunkissed #blueskies #noclouds #sky #clear #norain #beautiful #nice #yay #tan #brown #ilovesummerbecauseilovebeingtanned… you get my drift. Pointless. And often regarded as “needy” hashtagging. You don’t want to appear desperate! It’s the age old saying; quality over quantity.

Keep them specific but not exclusiveUsing #socialmediatip rather than just #tip = specific. Not #socialmediatipforsmallbusiness, as this is too exclusive.  Join the RIGHT conversations so you reach the RIGHT people. 

You’ve found the right hashtag to use, posted your pic and gone on your merry way about your day.  Wait! Why not connect with others using that hashtag too? This is a great opportunity to find and connect with other like-minded people and brands, talking about a common topic of interest. Expand your network, authentically.

It’s always fun when someone loves your product, digs your blog post or re-grams your content. Harness this appreciation by creating your own hashtag and encouraging people to use it whenever they buy your product, use your service or interact with your content. Choose a #hashtag that relates to your brand; either your name or a tagline.  Fantastic examples include Lorna Jane’s #MoveNourishBeleive and of course the beloved #BlogTribe.  Once you’ve decided on your new #hashtag, pop it in your bio and include it in any marketing materials, opt-ins or series of content that you produce. 

You’ll get a real buzz seeing people enjoying and benefiting from your offering and spreading the word of your amazingness. So jump online, find your tribe and create your own community.

For more social media tips head over to The Art of Social.  Image by They Call Me GT

#blogtribe // Introducing Our New Digital Community


I look forward to Tuesdays.

Seriously, I do. Mondays are always a struggle and Fridays are easy to get through but Tuesday was always tough for me. It was a day that still signalled the start of a long week but that's changed. #blogtribe Tuesday has changed that for me - or should I say you guys have changed that for me.

I now know that throughout the day I can simply take a moment to discover a world outside my own, a flood of blogging inspiration from around the globe - be it food, fashion or DIY craft, I have been inundated with blogging inspiration in my feed and it's been heartwarming to say the very least.  I have seen words of support, thanks and encouragement pour out of your mouths as you lift each other up and at the end of the day that is what keeps us blogging forward.  

It is this feeling of inspiration that caused us to hit go on a new online community this week - one that creates a home for bloggers worldwide to connect with one another.  If you can't make it to our events or just want to share and reach out please join our new digital home - simply request an invite here and join the adventure and next time you're struggling to get through the Tuesday blues, stop, take a breath and sneak outside for a cheeky glimpse at the #blogtribe hashtag and I guarantee you'll be visually inspired.  

Go on and get involved and make sure to check out the top 4 blogs that stopped me in my tracks this week. Warning...if you're not hungry now, you will be after looking at a few of these...

1.  Love Bex
2. Stephanie Sterjovski
3. Iron Chef Shellie 
4. Hortus by Valentina Solfrini

Looking to find your tribe? Get involved with this week's #blogtribe movement:


  1. Each week, take part in #blogtribe Tuesday by uploading on either InstagramFacebook or Twitter (or all three!) an image of a blogger or blog that inspires you, that you want to support or that you feel deserves a bit of attention. Go on, make a blogger's day!
  2. Always use the hashtag #blogtribe and tag @blogsociety so your images can be shared in our weekly wrap-up as well as shared with bloggers around the world.
  3. This celebration is all about having fun, if you miss a day, don’t worry simply post when inspiration strikes!
  4. Check back often and follow the #blogtribe hashtag feed each week to seek, discover and connect with new blogs and bloggers.

Know a blogger that might like to get involved? Make sure to spread the word about #blogtribe or sign up to newsletter to join our blog community.