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Behind The Blog Scene // Alisha Johns of LISH Creative

I'm excited to be back this week spotlighting one of my fav ladies on social media - Alisha Johns of LISH Creative! I've never been shy about sharing my love of Instagram and I've been lucky through this journey of running Blog Society to get to meet some pretty talented #girlbosses both online and off.

Alisha is one of those ladies.

She is a whip smart marketer and creates one of the most vibrant and colourful feeds out there. I just had to sit down with her to find out what really happens behind the scenes of her biz and how she's using social media to kick MAJOR goals. Enjoy... x Jac

Tell us a little bit about Lish Creative and your background?
LISH Creative is a social media agency for fashion, lifestyle & hospitality brands. My clients appreciate design, want to be inspired, and know the value of creative content for their businesses. After I graduated from Virginia Tech, I held various social media and creative roles at advertising agencies in Pittsburgh and always freelanced on the side. I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur, but I also knew that it was important to gain industry experience first. But when I started to get burnt out, and had to turn down great freelance projects because of my day-job, that’s when I knew it was time to take the leap.

What is your creative business manifesto?
Beautiful & smart content can change the face of your brand. It provides the ultimate first impression. It attracts & retains a community.

Without social media, and a platform like Instagram to create content to share with the world, I personally would not be where I am today. That’s why I am so passionate about helping others to achieve the same.

What fellow #girlboss inspires you at the moment?
I’m so inspired by Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY. She’s been able to work with some incredible big brands (like Starbucks and Coca-Cola…!) yet she always stays true to her brand and offers a unique spin. Her dedication to incredible original content is an ideal that I am always striving for in my business.

We adore your colourful instagram feed - what role does social media play in your business?
I started to get serious about Instagram after college, as a way to differentiate myself when applying to creative jobs in the advertising industry. Employers kept wanting to push me into Account Management roles and I was trying to find ways to break out of that box. Not only did my imagery catch the attention of my former employers, but it also helped me to discover my love for styling and creating visual content. As my community continued to grow, my work began getting picked up by media outlets and brands started asking me to style their products. That’s when it really hit me that there’s a business here. I’m not trying to be dramatic, but Instagram literally changed the course of my career - it has opened so many doors. And now, It is my primary source for new clients and networking.

My biggest biz moment/milestone was....
I secured my first retainer client while I was still working full-time. That was really a turning point for me and led to me submitting my two weeks notice! It’s crazy how one client can give you so much confidence.

My dream collaboration would be?
This is a tough one! There are so many colorful brands out there that I adore, but I would love to style a campaign for Jcrew.

Best piece of advice to all the budding entrepreneurs out there…
Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there! Developing an online and social presence is essential for networking and for building your credibility. Start creating amazing content to share with the world and tell people about, everyone!

Behind the scenes of running Lish Creative looks like…
Props, props everywhere! I’ve become quite the collector of little odds and ends for styled shoots and they’ve made their way all over my studio space.There’s also a daily dose of avocado toast for lunch and netflix watching after 7pm.

My tip for handling fear, envy or comparison is…
When you’re feeling afraid, remind yourself of all of your wins and the incredible things that you’ve had to accomplish to make it to where you are right now at this very second. For me, fear comes with overwhelm and with looking too far ahead into the future.I have to take a step back, reflect, and focus on the present day.

This year I've been most excited about...
My new freedom from the 9-5 and the ability to travel more! That was huge motivator for me in deciding to take the leap. I’ll be able to spend more time in Los Angeles, in particular, and that’s something I’m really looking forward to!

Top Image: Tracy Mele

Lisa Messenger // Interview + Giveaway

The tech gods were playing up this morning so if you had any trouble with links in our newsletter we've got it sorted and you won't want to miss the post below...

I'm having a total fan girl moment on the blog today as I get to sit down and chat with  #girlboss Lisa Messenger.  Author and Founder of the Collective Hub, Lisa's career has deeply inspired my own path and when I heard she was launching a brand new event, Kick.Start.Smart, in Sydney targeted toward businesses owners I knew I just had to hear the story first hand. I'm sharing some juicy behind the scenes tidbits from our conversation below and make sure you check out our Instagram feed as Lisa and I are giving away a Double pass to one lucky ready to her event on 8 April.  Enjoy x Jac

Tell us a little bit about Kick.Start.Smart and where the idea came from?
It was really a Collective team idea, all of my fabulous team came up with different ideas for how we could take my big dream to the next level. Collective Hub magazine is all about empowering people to start living their best live and follow their passions, so this is exactly what this event will enable them to do.  

What is your creative business manifesto?
Dream big, dream often and never stop believing in yourself! 

What fellow #girlboss inspires you at the moment?
I’m such a big fan of Oprah, I went to see her speak in Sydney recently and was blown away by some of the incredible gritty stories she had to share with us. She continues to inspire me in different ways all the time.

My biggest biz moment/milestone was....
When I was able to get a massive deal over the line for the Collective Hub’s launch, I knew that it wasn’t going to solve everything but at that moment it really solidified that anything is possible!

My dream collaboration would be?
Nike - it would be really cool to do some sort of experiential collaboration

Best piece of advice to all the budding entrepreneurs out there...
Just go out there and do it! Surround yourself with those you build you up and push ahead with an unwavering self-belief even when the world says otherwise.

Behind the scenes of running The Collective Hub looks like...
A blur of people coming and going, music pumping, a cake (or two), meetings, laughs, more meetings, deliveries, a cavoodle that wants a pat, a low mutter of people on phone calls, last minute runs out to showrooms and events - a hectic yet beautiful orchestra of “getting sh*t done” ha!

My tip for handling fear, envy or comparison is...
I say embrace the fear, envy and comparison and use it to your advantage! Let it sink in and use it to motivate and inspire you. I also practice daily gratitude, where I take a few minutes in the evening and morning to recognize the amazing people, events and achievements of the day and I find that keeps me level headed.

This year I'm most excited about...
So many things coming up this year! You’ll have to wait and see ;) Watch this space come September!

GIVEAWAY // Lisa and I are proud to be giving away a Double pass to their new Sydney-based biz event, Kick.Start.Smart taking place on 8 April to one lucky Blog Society tribe member. To win, simply visit us on Instagram and tell us what #girlboss inspires you the most. Entries close at midnight February 26. 

Kick Start Smart + Blog Society

Free Download // 2016 Goal Planning Worksheet

If you've been a member of this community for a while then it will come as no surprise that I find joy in two things:

  • empowering others to market and grow their businesses with confidence
  • sharing my knowledge and experience freely and as often as possible.

Well today I'm happy to team up with Zoe Strawbridge from Gorjo Designs to help give you a little gift that comes from the heart and that might back one of the most important business topics a bit less taxing: goal setting.

Setting goals seems to fall into one of 2 camps: you either love it or you hate it. Personally I'm a huge fan of knowing where I'm going and settling milestones to help me get there but I also understand that for many creative minds this framework can seem intimidating or stifling - but it doesn't have to be.  On of my favourite quotes that always springs to mind when talking about goals is this:

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will wind up somewhere else.” Yogi Berra

Goal setting doesn’t have to be a stressful process so don’t fear. When starting out keep it simple and when possible give this process the attention it deserves. Stop multitasking, answering emails, etc. Put your phone on silence, close the Pinterest tab (yes I'm guilty of this too!) and have a bit of fun with it!

To get you started on this process Zoe and I have created a FREE worksheet which you can grab today to help start your goal setting process get underway. Enjoy this beautiful download and I'd love to hear how your planning is going - so don't be shy!

Ziza Bauer of Darling Magazine // Behind The Blog Scene


I'm sensing great things ahead for 2015 and one of my goals is to continue to bring you a varied cross section of bloggers and kick ass creative women from around the globe, sharing their journeys, blog/biz advice and always a bit of witty wisdom. I'm so proud to be kicking things off with our Wednesday, Behind The Blog Scene series with an ultra cool magazine - Darling Magazine - that I have long admired and was lucky enough to sit down with online editor, Ziza Bauer to talk about their girl powered mission and the art of being a woman. Totally onboard with their vision and hope their empowering words inspire you this week...

Describe your blog in 3 words… 
honest, beautiful community.
What is your blogging manifesto?
It really is summed up in our Darling mission statement found here. But to paraphrase, Darling is the art of being a woman. We lead women to create beauty and embody love. We believe women are not only interesting, but original. Not only good enough, but exceptional. And not just here, but here for a purpose. Not only do we strive for that in our print issues, but with our online blog as well!
Top 3 blogging essentials? 
As online editor my must-haves for a work day are: a detailed calendar, a good pen (for notes and scribbles), and some sort of snack (usually trail mix!).
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
Though this isn't about the blog per se, this year we saw the launch of our Darling Dinners here in LA, which have been huge successes and sell-out within hours of being posted online. The women we've met and the stories we've heard have been SO encouraging. Anyone who thinks putting a bunch of women in a room together would be catty or fake certainly hasn't been to one of these meals!
My dream collaboration would be?
We'd love to see Darling and our #RealNotRetouched campaign discussed on a media outlet such as The TODAY Show or Good Morning, America. 
Right now I'm listening to... 
I'm a nerd at heart, so love classical music to keep me focused and in the zone while working. I usually end up listening to that or early jazz in my car and at home as background music, too. It tends to spark the most creativity for me. 
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger? 
It's cliche but true: be yourself! And to add onto that, be inclusive! Reach out to others who are in a similar starting place as you and build your own network, encouraging each other as you grow. That's really the best part about online communities -- they are made up of real, supportive and like-minded people. 
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
Traveling, or reading a book about travel ;)
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like... 
My desk is always a mess! Which is funny for me because I consider myself extremely organized. Somehow though, there is always a new product, prop from a photo-shoot or a PR mailing that ends up on my side of the office... and it just stays there.
This year I'm most excited about... 
The continuation of the #DarlingMovement with more video content. We have a few ideas for some really great short films that we hope will encourage, inspire, and spark change within individual women as to how they see themselves and what it means to be beautiful. 

Darling Magazine

Mission statement lettered by Angela DuncanDarling Dinner photos by Morgan Ashley Photography