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Link Love // The Friday Files


To say this has been a big week would be an understatement. We hit go on our holiday Blog Box and have been overwhelmed by the response - so thank you for all the kind words (and a quick reminder that early bird pricing ends Sunday!). I was filled with inspiration at last night's Mentor Power Hour and have the motivation I need to put my head down this long weekend and get shit done. I'm ready.

I've begun work on my first e-product which I'm announcing here today (cue public accountability)and will be revealing more info shortly but let's just say I'm so excited about being able to deliver a product I'm passionate about and that I hope will eliminate a lot of fear, confusion and frustration many of you bloggers and biz owners are experiencing at the moment. It's going to be a busy weekend ahead but I hope to sneak out from behind the keyboard to enjoy a bit of sunshine and encourage you to do the same. Sharing some link love before I sign off...

  • Fear is a liar. Amen
  • Holiday gift buying for bloggers just got easier.
  • Cure your SEO confusion once and for all.
  • The style e-course that could change your life
  • Photo tips for capturing the golden hour

Exclusive Pre-Sale Offer: The Blog Box

Are you ready to embrace the art of giving? With Christmas just around the corner we're so excited to announce the exclusive pre-sale launch of The Blog Box, a collaboration with Dunne With Style and a project designed for our creative, gift giving community.

The Blog Box is the ultimate holiday gift for bloggers - a limited edition collection of best-loved products to kick start a creative year ahead - and it's on sale now!! Curated by some of your favourite bloggers and filled to the brim with some of our personal top picks and local favourites, this heartfelt gift will inspire, reward and pamper the blogger in your life.

In the true spirit of giving we didn't want to ruin the surprise so have kept the contents under wraps for now - but we fully stand behind the gorgeous and well-respected brands we've partnered with and know you'll love them too. If you just can't wait to find out and would prefer to know in advance that's fine too - just give us a shout and we'll be happy to discuss.

If you believe in giving creative gifts that are carefully crafted, that cause someone's face to light up or eyes to fill with tears because you've made them feel (deservedly) special, this is it. Hurry as we are only selling a limited number of curated boxes filled to the brim with quality brands and blog loving products, all of which will be delivered from December 1, just in time for Christmas.

Pre-sale boxes can be purchased here!

Link Love // The Friday Files


Well doesn’t it just feel great to be Friday? I’m so ready for the weekend and as you’ll soon tell from the list below I’m  feeling particularly inspired this morning – to eat better, blog better, move more, worry less and just make every day count. Rather than trying to figure out the big picture all at once I’m going to take small, meaningful steps to get where I’m going and hopefully the path in front of me will be an adventure, it certainly has been so far.  So here’s to your own weekend adventure, I hope it’s a great one.  Below you’ll find some inspiration from around the blogosphere that moved me enough to share…hope it does the same for you.

  • In my attempt to be better at eating breakfast, I’ll be making this recipe this weekend.
  • These are the types of business women I admire.
  • Proud to see this passion-fueled project come to life, well done Luisa Brimble.
  • In honour of Father’s Day in the US I’ve got your gift guide covered.
  • If your business or blog needs a boost this newly discovered blog is a must read.
  • Behind the blog scene with one of our fav bloggers.