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From humble beginnings

By Jenna Habgood

For anyone that has ever had a business dream, this post is for you. Today I'm sharing my story with the blog society community because I know many of you out there can relate...let's get started...

Three years ago, hubby, bub and myself moved from Sydney to Cairns, chasing the sun and avoiding the hustle and bustle of city life. The hubby works for a large hotel chain as an Executive chef, so he pretty much works day and night. Having already moved from the UK to Oz I know settling into new places can take time especially with a new baby and a hubby working long hours. But with long strolls on beautiful beaches, stopping for coffee in boutique cafes, what could be so bad with that life?? Well nothing to be honest, but I always strive for more. The slow pace was unheard of to me, even having a 4 month old I needed more. I wanted to help provide for my family.

I was a ballerina in the UK and then taught in some top schools in Sydney, so what was I to do when I wanted to stay at home with bub for as long as possible?? I know! I’ll start making bub’s some clothes! They looked cool and I was good at it (well I thought so) So off I went to Spotlight, filled a trolley with fabric and threads and pretty much everything in between and set up camp on my dining room table and the world of Tully Pops began…

So, I started a Facebook page and the orders started flowing in. Wow! People like my designs, this is cool. One day I took a gamble, I bought a black zebra head designed fabric and I created a romper… bam! My page went crazy, I could of sold 50+ just from the first picture I posted on Facebook. From that night on Tully Pops just kept growing and growing. I would sell out of everything online in under 15 minutes!! It blew my mind every time!! 

Everything remained amazing, introducing funky new fabric and creating new designs and being able to stay home with my baby girl, perfect. Then…

I fell pregnant with bub #2 last year, which was great (obviously), we couldn’t be happier. But, my brain went into overdrive, “how can I possibly do all this and be an awesome wife and mother?” “ It’s impossible! I’m going to have to close down the business I’ve just worked so hard on the last 2 years”… Now, once I calmed down, my usual (some call it stubborn) determined self said “No there is always a way!!” so I sat down with a designer friend of mine (who is the designer behind the amazing label ‘Aila Blue’) and she made me realise my business is just ready for the next step… Take my designs into production… WHAT!! NO WAY!!! It took me weeks to process everything, but she was right. I couldn’t keep doing 4am finishes with a new bub. So, I found myself a production manager and off I went…

Being ethical is very important to me, I don’t want huge factory produced clothing. I have focused my label about using organic products as much as possible. that is how my Organic Bamboo Babies Range came about. Tully Pops is currently still being sewn by me with a 3 year old causing havoc and a 6 month old under foot but as Tully Pops goes under a ‘facelift’ at the end of September the new collection drops early October and ‘EXCITED’ doesn’t cover the feeling I have for what’s about to happen at Tully Pops.

By now your probably thinking why is she telling me all this??

Well, I want everyone to know that if you have a dream and you work hard enough it can come true…yes yes yes everybody says that I know, but its true!! I started Tully Pops with $150 of fabric and my basic sewing machine. I created a logo with Clipart and registered my business name. It doesn’t take having millions of dollars in the bank to start your dream, it takes guts, courage and lots of passion!!! So if you are sitting there dreaming… start believing!!

You can find Jenna at Tully Pops, or on Facebook and Instagram.

The Sweet Art of Doing Nothing

By Kerrie Basha

Our lives now are ridiculously over-scheduled and crazy busy. Most of the time we are juggling a little bit of everything. Our fabled newfangled technology now means that we’re increasingly expected to be always contactable and never out of reach. This means we work more hours, even if we think it’s just a little bit here and there. We have less down time. The delineation that used to be there between work time and home time is a fluid continuum that some days doesn’t seem to even exist anymore. This is the same for our school kids, who can no longer escape a bad day but instead have it writ large on social media. We lose our me time. Our recovery. Our recharge.

There is a card that comes up a lot when I read tarot in the city, as I do once a week, that suggests taking some time to yourself. For yourself. The reaction is generally rolled eyes, perhaps a reluctant nod of the head, it has once been genuine horror. For some people the idea of even just five minutes to themselves doing something as simple as sitting in the sun with their phone out of reach and out of earshot is untenable. This is a tragedy of the highest order, the lost art of doing nothing in our modern world.

In drama, it is called “action and recovery”. This idea demands high levels of work followed by extreme levels of being idle, just sitting and doing nothing. It is a zen habit of the highest order and considered one of the most difficult to master. There are websites devoted to teaching time poor stress heads the how-to’s of this art, which strikes me as fundamentally ridiculous. Perhaps, as you are now, time spent reading about doing nothing is better spent, you know, doing nothing.

Today I spent many hours in the sunshine. I watched bees buzz in the golden rays of the lavender. I watched the wind move the trees and every so often when a cloud drifted across the brightest of blue skies, I watched it meandering too. I read a little and thought a lot. I played with my talking cat and smiley faced pup and lay on the warm ground with them. I stared out across the golden grasses waving from the paddock in front of my home and let my mind just wander. I did not call it back.

This evening as night has fallen and the hearth is crackling behind me, I feel rested and content. I feel absolutely no guilt and that makes me smile most of all. The time I took for myself today was wonderful and I am so proud of myself for making it.

This week coming, as life comes at you from all angles, take a sec Bohemians and put your feet up. Take a whole moment, a few more if you can. Schedule it in if you have to. Lock the gate and open all the doors. Turn off the phone. Back away from the screen. Get thee outside and lay on the grass in the sunshine.

It turns out that doing nothing is really something.

Kerrie is an experienced tarot reader, energy healer, astrologer and writer, living in the Lower Hunter Valley in Australia. Living out of the big smoke on a sprawling property with acres of trees, sweet rainwater filling the tank and a crackling hearth in Winter, she is connected, joining the dots between her life and this world, this earth, this place.

Bohemia has a home on Facebook, you can join the bustling community of Bohemians there for regular inspiration, and find the majority of her dreamy visual output on Instagram @bohomofo

Behind The Blog Scene // Megan Gilger of The Fresh Exchange

2013_1011 Sunrise Pyramid Point-88.jpg

I read a lot of blogs - a lot. The best thing about following a handful of blogs over the course of time is to actually watch as they grow and develop both personally and professionally. Many of the blogs I read daily have gone through huge transformations since I first discovered them. Children have been born, engagements celebrated, careers changed - there have been highs and lows all witness by their readers and its these moments that make the connection feel strong and personal. Blogging is personal, you are writing words from the heart and letting strangers into your world. Better yet is when these strangers become actual friends. May sound a bit crazy i know but it's true that many of the bloggers I know here in Sydney actually have become close friends and while reading international blogs may make an actual friendship more difficult, it doesn't mean you don't connect on a strong level.

When I first started reading Megan Gilger's blog, The Fresh Exchange, I immediately thought - hey, this is a girl I could hang out with. Her blog draws you in and hits you straight on with the kind of honest conversation you'd have with a close friend. Meg gets real and I find that each time I read a new post it's like I can immediately relate. This lovely lady and her husband are two creatively charged professionals and you can't help but admire their talent, work ethic and ability to be raw, honest and inspiring at the same time. I was thrilled to be able to get a peek into Megan's world below and I just hope someday they make it  to Sydney so I can return the favour.

2014_0116 Around The House-10.jpg

Describe your blog in 3 words…
My Creative Playground
What is your blogging manifesto?
To live fully, create without bounds, and to tell an authentic story
Top 3 blogging essentials?
My Macbook Air, Photoshop, and My husband, Mike at the very base but I have so many pieces that help me create posts.
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was...
Anytime I really reach my readers and get a response where I hear I have helped them take the leap or choose to take a weekend adventure makes me feel like I did my job. I have achieved a lot with my blog and partnered with some amazing brands but at the end of the day the readers and followers who I am writing for. They keep me going so to know how I have helped them makes me feel very fulfilled in what I am doing.
My dream collaboration would be?
I would love to begin designing products with brands I really believe in. I also have a dream of maybe writing a book. I could go on and on, but collaboration ideas are honestly endless in my mind because there are so many creative and cool ways to create these days.
Right now I'm listening to…
The National’s Trouble Will Find Me Album. This band sleighs me. Their writing. Their passion for their art. Their desire for perfection. I try to move on but I cannot. When I am writing you can find me listening to them, Bon Iver, and Ryan Adam.
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Be you. Don’t try to fit in a box. Allow yourself to explore, fail, try, and succeed. Your space is your space. If you remain authentic and real and maintain an expectation to only deliver the best of who you are the world will begin to follow along. I tried far too many times to be something I wasn’t only to find a ton of emptiness in my work. The moment I let go and begin allowing myself the freedom to accept myself and my work the more fulfilled I felt. Also, never allow yourself to feel limited. When you desire something enough you can make it come together. Whether it means you have 1 window in apt for shooting, no idea how to code, or cannot use Photoshop. Limits are simply hills to the great achievement of creating your dreams. Don’t allow them to be what stands in between you and where you dream of being.
If I wasn't blogging I'd be…
If blogging had never happened in my lifetime I would have been an artist no matter what. I would have become a musician, a painter, or anything beyond that. I cannot hide my desire to create beautiful things. To do so would be suppress who I am by nature. 
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like…
Me at my kitchen table or wherever I am that week with my Macbook Air creating a post. Tons of papers and pens around to create type or me rearranging my dining room for a shoot as it is my staging area right now for shooting in. I live in an 850 sq. foot home in Raleigh and our shooting space is all of maybe 8x8 for where we can shoot. What I love about it is that is keeps me real, humble, and on my toes for thinking how can we create better even with the challenges. 
In 2014 I'm most excited about…
Living more. 2013 was a lot of deep hours in our studio and so I fell behind in the blog in ways I never wanted to. I questioned the space a lot and I hated it because I love it so much. I love designing but I have always dreamed of being an art director and that is what the blog allows me to be. My dreams lie in the blog so to think of creating all the ideas I have been writing down now for nearly a year makes me really excited. I have no expectations this year other than to live to create and to live well and as simply as possible.

2014_0206 Staghorn Fern-108.jpg
2014_0116 Around The House-95.jpg
2014_0116 Around The House-18.jpg

Thanks Megan for sharing with us! All images courtesy of The Fresh Exchange