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In The Press // Why Did You Start Blogging?


I thought a lot this weekend about blogging. I've had this obsession with listening to podcasts while talking long walks and I listened to one particular series that had me revisiting my own reason for blogging. Have you ever taken a moment to stop and think about why you started? The moment, the sense of determination that motivated you to sit down and write that first post? I still remember the exact place I was sitting when my first post went live. It was a thrilling, nerve-wracking and surreal experience and although no one in the world was reading it, I knew that I had just started something special.

That first post is a powerful moment in any blogger's journey and when the team at In A Designer Home asked me to be a part of their latest issue and share my blogging experience I loved every moment of taking a look back and sharing my own story.  Here's the most recent issue - but most importantly I'd love to hear your own story below. Share with us how it felt the first time you hit publish...

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