Big News & A Personal Note About The Future Of Blog Society


Let's talk about change shall we?

Firstly, let me say that it's been a long while since I've posted here and today I'm doing so with a bit of a personal update and also a call to action for those that might feel aligned with the updates below.

As you may or may not know things have changed quite drastically over here at Blog Society HQ and as with any big life change, it comes with a renowned sense of clarity and focus. My son, Finn, was born in July and I've since been consumed with cuddles, endless coffee and the inherent desire to ensure my business truly felt aligned to this new chapter in my life.
*WARNING* This is a loooong post so stay with me.
Earlier this year I felt the strong need to create space in order to truly FEEL what was next for myself and Blog Society. Truth be told I'd felt a bit lost, unattached and probably disheartened with the digital space. A piece was missing. I found myself seeking out new projects to sit alongside my existing course, events and clients that would deepen, evolve and better align my business with what was happening in my heart.
Put simply, somewhere along the way in my biz journey I'd lost myself - or perhaps I was just afraid to share the 'real' me, instead held down by what I thought was expected - the 'perfect' Instagram pic, the ‘right’ business model or chasing the next big thing.
I felt disillusioned with my newsfeed. In an effort to remain 'professional' I seemed to have lost my sense of self and I was craving to be heard. Craving to share with you more honest, real, raw, vulnerable and passionate posts.

To pull back the curtain on what's happening behind the scenes at Blog Society.
To share more personal updates and celebrate the unpolished. 
To have fun.
To post with my heart and head - and truly speak about what's lighting my fire and sparking those creative flames.

I was craving clarity, more time to focus on self-care, soul-care, shift my mindset, focus on my health and well-being and realign myself to the very principles Blog Society was founded on -community, collaboration, connection.
And so during my pregnancy and subsequent 4th trimester, I dialled things back. And it felt glorious. 

By shedding expectation, I allowed myself to mentally, physically and emotionally recharge. During this process, my health improved and my creative drive returned tenfold. At the centre of this shift was a product that I fell in love with wholeheartedly: essential oils.

This coupled with a hunger to birth new projects, led me to a new business opportunity and...

Today I'm proud to share that I’m building a global doTERRA team as part of Blog Society.
I've teamed up with Alice Nicholls of The Whole DailyTara Bliss and a tribe of other kick ass women to help others not only experience the magic of these oils but also help bring a powerful business opportunity to women ready to rise up.

I’m currently building my doTERRA team and reaching out to my tribe to see if you feel called to join me? You can be anywhere in the world, with a business, without, a blog or no blog. This is open to ALL (yes I'm looking at YOU).

This is an opportunity to work directly with Alice and I so if you're curious about learning how to use essential oils, ordering these beauties for your own use, want to attend a class with me or are interested in receiving a sample, simply reach out and say hello.

As I wrap up this post I'm signing off as a braver, healthier, stronger, happier more courageous version of me. Ready to bring my tribe the creative events and courses you've come to know and love but with the addition of a brilliant new biz opportunity empowering women to fearlessly build a business they love while prioritising their own health and well-being.
To rising up together and great things ahead.

x Jaclyn


Link Love // The Friday Files

Happy Friday folks! Hope you’ve had a wonderful week. We’ve celebrated some big moments these past few days, taking our company to new heights and planning two big events this weekend. I’m running on a bit of caffeine and adrenaline but event weeks are always good for the soul – I love getting to spend my days with such fun people face to face and of course working with cool local brands like these guys here and here.

Can’t wait to be back next Friday with a wrap up report but keep your eyes peeled on Instagram as I’ll no doubt be snapping away. In the meantime here is your weekly dose of link love to sink your teeth into…

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Link Love // The Friday Files

What a whirlwind week and judging by the emails that have landed in my inbox you guys are feeling it too. Ideas are hatching, time is flying and it all feels a bit crazy doesn't it? For me and the team we've been busy launching new events out into the world (yay!), writing a new e-book (shhh more on that later!) and catching up over wine with some of my students from our Digital Bravery course.  

It's been an emotional and creatively exhausting week but I feel good and ready to soak up this weekend with friends and some exciting biz happenings & events. What's on your agenda this weekend? Share below and grab a cup of tea and enjoy the link love below....

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Link Love // The Friday Files

This week has been full of self-care (have you downloaded our free prints yet?), productive days, celebrating our 2nd blog birthday and some pretty darn good energy flowing through our bones. The type you wish you could just bottle up and sell – it’s pretty infectious so we’re trying to make the most of it while we can and get moving on some exciting plans. For of those that have asked, yes the 2nd half of 2015 will absolutely be filled with some one of a kind, new workshops that I can’t wait to share. For those wanting to get a head start our Creative Portrait Workshop only has 2 spots left so act fast if you are Sydney-based – hope you can join us!

 In other news I welcomed our first two interns to the Blog Society team and will happily be introducing them over on social media so please say hello! I received so many incredible applications that I couldn’t just narrow it down to one and I’m thrilled to have these two ladies on board for our new chapter! Have a great weekend and here’s some link love to keep you inspired…

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Link Love // The Friday Files


I’m not sure about anyone else but I’m actually enjoying the cooler weather in Sydney this week. As our friends around the world get ready to welcome Spring, we here in the southern hemisphere are gearing up for cooler days and I have to say that all signs are telling me to slow down and ease back for now. It’s the chilly nights, cosy nights in, warm fires and a chance to slow down that really get me excited about autumn.

Slowing down is a feeling that I’m not accustomed to but I’m working on something special kicking off in April that will help us all breathe a bit deeper and focus on taking care of ourselves first – and I can’t wait to tell you more next week! In other news I’ve been chatting to my fellow biz ladies around the world doing amazing things and bursting with pride as I see their creative ideas take flight. I encourage you all to take a moment to congratulate those around you doing great things – we submerse ourselves in a culture of envy and comparison at times however more good comes from celebrating these wins and lifting each other up, rather than pulling them down. We’re all in this together so I leave you with a message of support and celebration this weekend – enjoy (and here’s some link love to kick things off!)….

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