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Coming at you with some visual eye candy today to get you through the mid week hump! Nothing fills our creative tank like a well executed event. Fresh flowers, pops of colour, dreamy views and a great vibe make for an event to remember and our gal pal, Natalie Hayllar from Eat Read Love is no stranger to pulling off the impossible and creating consistent, one of a kind and sought after events here in Australia.

Her most recent event, a relaxed 'Summer Soiree by the Sea', took place at the beautiful Beachside Dojo Manly Rooftop in Sydney and we're reporting on all the Pinterest worthy pics and details to help inspire your own summer celebration.

Taking advantage of Sydney's summer weather, guests mingled in the rooftop bar overlooking picturesque Manly beach, sharing New Year's resolutions over a glass of sparkling D&B Rose 'Pour les-Amour'. Floral designers, The Sisters,  created a magical floral table display, with whimsical over-hanging greenery, hot pink Dahlias and luscious pink roses with Gascoigne & King Belle candles burning brightly in between.  Each guest received a bespoke gift box from online gift registry From The Owl, lovely homewares from Millie & Archer and a luxury travel guide from Mr & Mrs Smith. Guests dined on a shared Asian inspired menu of fresh and cooked seafood, Sushi, Sashimi and salads, with the sound of waves crashing in the background, as the steamy afternoon storm rolled in.  

An event to remember? I certainly think so.

Let's recap all the details that came together to make it happen:

VENUE: Beachside Dojo Manly
EVENTS + STYLING: Natalie Hayllar - Eat Read Love
FLORAL DESIGN & TABLE STYLING: Naomi & Esther - The Sisters
WINE: D&B Pour Les-Amour by Bird in Hand Wine
PHOTOGRAPHY: Nadean Richards - One Fine Collective
GRAPHIC DESIGN: Hilary Thackway
CANDLES: Gascoigne & King
From The Owl
Mr & Mrs Smith
Millie Archer
Wanderlust Union


Rebecca Caines of The Daily Guru // Behind The Blog Scene

I am continually inspired and motivated by the women around me that i'm so lucky to call friends. These women are from all walks of life, backgrounds and levels of experience yet each one has followed their heart to carve out a life they love. I've personally been inspired by their journeys and I felt I owed it to my tribe here to start to share their stories here from time to time.

I'm proud this week to introduce you to Rebecca Caines, the founder of The Daily Guru. I have watched Rebecca pour her heart and soul into this business and the results speak for themselves, she is creating a movement for women everywhere to thrive and her new event, The Self Love Series are what Sydney's wellness community has been waiting for. Let's hear a bit about Rebecca's journey...

Describe your website/blog in 3 words...
Educational, Diverse and Inspiring (hopefully)
What is your blogging manifesto?  
To shine a light on the personal growth industry and to share all the amazing gurus, tools, practices and events that this wonderful network has to offer.  So many people have absolutely no idea that life isn't meant to be as hard as there currently experience and this incredible industry offers so many amazing opportunities and insights.  I therefore want to offer a bridge between the specialists & those who are seeking personal growth, support & advice
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....
Leaving my full time job and making this my full time career.  This was the scariest, yet most rewarding decision I've made to date with The Daily Guru
Best piece of advice I've been given?
Don't let fear be the reason to not start or try something.  Fear is just your ego and your ego has some nasty/tricky ways of making things seem impossible at times.  Nothing is impossible.  Things may not roll out exactly as you had intended- but it is always better to try, live & learn, than to just stay safe and bored.
I'm dreaming about traveling to...
Morocco. I don't know why but this place seems to be popping up for me a lot at the moment - especially when I'm working on DG creative. Whether it be searching for inspiration for future projects, creating colour palettes or mood boards- Marrakech & Morocco always seem to appear as a source of inspiration.
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Dont fall victim to comparison-itus. There are so many gorgeous blogs & websites out their that we can all fall victim to comparing. And if we do fall into this trap it can become an obstacle for taking action and moving forward. Its important to remind yourself that all of this amazing site were also once new born baby blogs. Everyone has to start somewhere.  So focus on what it is you want to create and do not get distracted by what everyone else is doing.  This will make your own project more authentic in the long run also. 
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
Well my initial thought was to be a ski instructor as I have a huge love for being in the mountains. However I know that having my own project/business is something that is now really important to me- so perhaps running gorgeous wellness retreats in the mountains.  That would give me the best of both worlds.  Ooooow- loving that little day dream!
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
We have lots of things on the go at the moment, as we have just entered a new & exciting phase at The Daily Guru. We are now sharing and showcasing events, courses and workshops within the industry - so behind the scenes we are all like octopus'.  Juggling multiple projects all at once- whether that be; daily articles, social media campaigns, Guru features, event showcases, sponsorship collaborations, product launches, etc. Its a very exciting time at the DG and i guess this is all part and parcel of the start up phase of a new business
This year I'm most excited about...
I am most excited to share our first DG event which is called The Self Love Series.  This event has been something we've been working on for a while and its incredible to see it come to fruition.

We have five exceptional speakers & industry Gurus involved in this stunning event series and each will all be exploring the subject of self worth from a different angle.  Over the past 6months we have noticed how much our articles & content shared on either self worth, or the tools that can help us all feel a lot better about ourselves, who we are & who we want to be, always receive a crazy amount of engagement & feedback.  So we decided to create an event that was solely devoted to this important topic.  So starting from the 25th March we will begin this five week event series and our attendees can begin exploring this subject further. These events also include our gorgeous Self Love markets, tea and canapés on arrival and also a lovely networking opportunity. Its going to be a magical and unique experience and we cant wait to share it with everyone.

*I am a proud affiliate of the Self-Love Series and believe strongly in the beautiful message this series promotes. When you purchase a ticket through my link I receive a small compensation.

Unleash Creative // Sydney


From the first launch of Blog Society, a core part of our mission when hosting events has always been to not only to enrich and educate bloggers but to nourish the inner creative in all of us. Taking time to craft, play and create often gets pushed down the priority list but every time I've hosted an event based solely around DIY or craft, the reaction is nothing less than amazing. Everyone walks away relaxed, happy and the mood feels lighter than when they entered.

So take that feeling and multiply it by ten and that's the vibe that happened at our most recent Unleash Creative Sydney event. I was grateful to team up with Magdalena Franco (who founded Unleash Creative) and our four craft mentors: Kirbee Lawler of Kirbeeart, Rin of Papered Thoughts, Alex Falkiner of Alfalky and Madeleine of Made by Mosey.

There was confetti, a photo booth, copious amounts of sugar, snacks and splashes of colour - it was everything you'd expect from a crafternoon and I absolutely can't wait to do it again. If you missed this event, I hope you can join us next time...


Images by Erika Rax