Link Love // The Friday Files

Feeling full of thoughts today and few words – does that happen to you too? As bloggers and entrepreneurs we so often consume and create that sometimes it helps to just slow down and be still. To think rather than write, to observe rather than pin or post or update.

This weekend I’ll be back in creation mode as we fully prep for our Digital Bravery E-course launch happening on the 13 June – it’s been a flurry of excitement at Blog Society HQ as we get ready to welcome another round of students from around the world and look to kick start those business dreams that may have fallen silent since our new years resolutions slipped away. So I encourage all of you to sit quietly, to think about where you are today, how you want to feel and see if you have dreams yet realized or goals not yet chased. It’s not too late to make them happen…happy weekend everyone. xx

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  • Go that little bit extra – it’s all worth it.
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  • The balancing act of working full time AND running a business – hands up if you relate?
  • Meal in a bowl? Now this is a culinary trend I can follow.
  • A good re-brand feels like a fresh clean start – this one is tops (and pretty daring!)