3 Questions To Ask When Your Writing Mojo Fails

By Sian Yewdall

Hands up who’s ever felt the powerful energy of a blog post writing it self?

When real motivation strikes, magic happens. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can feel the vaults of inspiration surge from your toes to your nose. The words start flowing. It’s electric and your fingers can’t keep up with your mind as they dance over the keyboard.

Then…Boom! You’re done. It’s the best work you’ve ever produced and you walk away feeling like a sassy combination of Beyonce and Jane Austen because your work was just so darn good.

Slayed it!

But what happens motivation fails?

You know those days when you write simply to put words on a page to produce something and your mind has already left the laptop to prepare dinner, write a mental draft of tomorrow’s social media posts, and strategize your next free resource to boost your mailing list?

I’ll be the first to admit I’ve had many days when I’ll only do what’s necessary in order to get it off my to-do list and not infuse my words with the empowering energy they require.

Then, even when I know the article is less than stellar, somehow I still expect my tribe to fawn all over my post with gushing comments, just because I typed up a few notes and emailed them a personal message with a link to the article like I was the Queen gracing them with my presence.

Now, don’t mistake me, I’m not advocating perfectionism. But I do believe often as writers, bloggers, small business owners and Oprah-style entrepreneur enthusiasts, we feel compelled to write and produce content because it’s what the ‘rules’ say.

Yes, we’re well aware that consistent, valuable, entertaining and sharable content is gold. We know what makes the blogging online world go round.

But have you stopped to ask yourself what you really need in order to guide your next step and connect with that magical mojo again, or are you just putting one foot in front of the other because you fear being left behind?

If at some level you’re feeling a heart-driven pull to slow down on content creation to conjure up that magical writing mojo, here are three questions to ask yourself:

1.    Am I OK?
Does the sensation of sitting down at your laptop send a cold shiver down your spine? Are you tired? Exhausted? Drained? Frustrated? Is there a weight on your shoulders that you’ve not yet acknowledged?

Stop for a moment and ask yourself, ‘Am I ok? How do I really feel?’  Take a few deep breaths and give yourself permission to connect with your heart to find out what’s really going on for you underneath it all. Perhaps your lack of motivation goes deeper than not having a good blog post idea to latch on to?

2. Am I still on purpose?
If the word purpose doesn’t sit comfortably with you, then change this question to, ‘Am I still having fun? Am I happy with what I do generally? Does it still bring me joy?’

In order to reconnect to your motivation the original desire and purpose of why you do what you do needs to exist. If you left the 9 to 5 hustle to experience more fun and freedom as your own boss, or blogging is your creative outlet, does the intention behind your decision still hold true?

If at your core, you are still captivated by your service, then it sounds like you just need time out. If not, you may have hit on something deeper. Are you ready to acknowledge it and let go?

3. What can I do now to honour this feeling?
In an email I received from a Life Coach, she admitted she had returned after entire month off. No social media. No newsletters. No pre-scheduled articles. No connection with her tribe at all. She realised one day she hadn’t taken a significant break from her business in nine years and her heart and soul was calling her to step away. So she did.

The point being, she obviously loved herself enough to feel in to her heart, ask herself what she needed and then honoured the realisation by making it happen.

If she didn’t disconnect and gain space then the only person she would be letting down was her self. Her tribe, because they love her, completely bowed at her awesomeness and cheered, ‘Hell yes! Go you!’

Your tribe is your tribe because they love you. They will support you if you’re open, honest and transparent about why you need to do what you do, and if they don’t understand, then I’d question whether the relationship was a genuine heart-driven one in the first place.

In a world of constant connection and other people’s motivated energy coming through in your news feed, it can be very easy to believe you need to keep going at optimum pace everyday to maintain the hustle and strive to be a success.

But I like to think of the Hare and the Tortoise. You’ll get there in the end if you run your own race with love, honour and grace.

Sian Yewdall is the Founder of  The Woman Rising Network , a space dedicated to providing online workshops to help you cultivate your best life offline. 

She lives in Townsville, Queensland with her partner and two children, is addicted to dark chocolate and Netflix. Connect with her on Instagram via @WomanRisingHQ or @SianYewdall

Why Entrepreneurs Can’t Afford To Ignore Their Brilliant Body

By Dr Shirley Piccarreto

The pressure is on. It always is. You’ve chosen to live with risk. To embrace your own impressive self-imposed deadlines. To get comfortable with being vulnerable.   You have debt, doubt, dreams and desire. You’re a budding entrepreneur and you push, push, push, yourself around the clock. And then some.

Your body protests though. There’s a price to pay embracing this wildly stimulating entrepreneurial life… and it’s not always financial.  Your sleep is restless. Your moods are chaotic and fiercely intense.  Your family protests. Fear drives you at times. Your frequent headaches annoy you and your sex drive has been driven away by the constant attention and focus your business needs.

You have created yourself a mountain of responsibility but, hey it IS your own damn mountain, right? This is good and much to be proud of.  As self-made business folks we do get to manage ourselves.  We choose our days, struggle with our struggles and push on when loss of motivation peaks or despair sets in. Most times alone. Who can we really talk to about our own perceived weakness?

We also ask and expect a lot of ourselves. We desire loads of energy to get our focus on and our websites Marie Forleo perfect. We want to sleep solid but wake up at 3am experiencing Instagram envy. We beat ourselves up and sign up for another shiny webinar. At times we’re drained, anxious and depressed but the show must go on. It has to.

We sit and stress or sometimes we just sit in a daze staring at our blank screen mesmerized. Rapid heart rates accompany us throughout the day. Most being coffee, Coke or anxiety induced. Being a boss entrepreneur can be exhausting or exhilarating. Again, we get to choose. And it’s not just attitude. It’s the action. Your daily health routines or lack there-of are directly affecting your bottom line. Directly affecting your ability to be creative, focused and inspired. To win and win big.

Successful entrepreneurs choose health. Always. They take meticulous care of their precious selves. Their yoga, Zumba, meditation and gym times get marked on the calendar. In ink. Look at Tony Robbins’ indefatigable energy or the dynamic Richard Branson who answers “Being fit and healthy” when asked “what’s the one thing that makes you come alive?”

If we’re going to demand our body continually juggles our crazy mental and business needs, we’re going to need to feed it, nurture it and love it up. Give it more. Treat it better. Honor its life force. Naturally. Here are a few of my favorite ways that help me keep myself in tip, top physical and mental condition and itching to take on my fabulous business every single day.

A few questions for you: Are you often awake from 2:00 – 4:00 a.m.? So awake that you could write that blog or chronicle your expenses? That’s liver time according to your circadian clock and if you are up then, chances are your liver is stressed and overloaded. Are you quick to anger, easily frustrated or lacking patience? Do you have skin eruptions, bad breath or feel groggy every morning? How is this hurting your business or hurting you? Doing a liver cleanse will lift your mood, clear your skin, tighten your focus, balance your chi and help you to sleep solid every night like a very good baby. You’ll also remove tons of toxic overload that can hold you back from being your vibrant self. I cleanse about four-five times a year and every time I travel.

You can also add in some melatonin at night to balance your sleep cycle-3mg should do it. Melatonin peaks at age 8.  Herbal sleep aids like hops, passion flower and valerian are nervines. They feed and calm your business busy brain at night helping you to let the day’s worries fade away until tomorrow. Do you have any light in your room? Any sliver of it goes straight to your pineal gland to wake your body. Checking your phone at night? The blue light of it arouses your nervous system and will keep you awake for horribly long stretches. Discipline yourself and you will be rewarded with a full night’s rest. You’ll wake refreshed, re-energized and quite excited to master your day.

When you’re sick, you are not working on your business. And that’s going to cost you. Getting colds every winter is not “normal”. You can’t cure the cold as the cold is the cure. Your body creates excess mucus to carry out bacteria and viruses. If you cleanse your body of toxins every fall you most likely won’t get sick in the winter. Also, no one can “give you” a flu or cold. It’s your immune system and your responsibility to keep it strong. Ingesting just 75 grams of sugar at a sitting (maybe a soda and a muffin?) will shut down your NK (natural killer) cells for five hours. Connect with an ill person after that little sweet snack and you may indeed “catch” what they have. The sugar needs to go business pro.

You’ve worked months on your website. You’ve designed your logo, chosen your colors, friended the world, set up your Periscope, created on Canva, Tweeted away and invested in Lead Pages…but you still can’t figure it out. Your newsletters are ending up in everyone’s spam, you have money you need sitting in PayPal and it’s taken you four hours to write a simple blog. The days are going. Your anxiety is rising. The pressure cooker of entrepreneurship puts you in survival mode on a daily basis.

This is stress. High stress. Long term stress that burns up your B vitamins, depletes your magnesium and alters your heart rate. Stress constricts your blood vessels, puts you at risk for cancer, distracts you from good sex and can cause you to grind your teeth-which is actually a lack of magnesium. Our adrenal glands fire off cortisone which then shuts down our immune system. When there is too much flight or fight going those adrenal glands become weak and adrenal fatigue sets in. Now our body is ripe for full on panic attacks. No thanks, right?

To cruise through the wild ride of being an entrepreneur, you’re going to need to be your very best vital self to create the success you really want. It’s in your power. It’s all your choice. Eat real food. Meditate. Juice. Get outside. Cleanse your body. Social. Take supplements. Have sex. Travel. Workout. Drink a ton of water. Celebrate. Love your life. Love your loved ones. Love yourself.

Now go create that beautifully successful business…you deserve it!

Dr. Shirley has been helping people all over the world get well naturally for over 30 years now. A Doctor of Naturopathy with a BS in Health and Wellness Counseling, Dr. Shirley empowers and inspires women daily. Her signature program "Fit, Healthy, Lean and Sexy Any Age" A 28-Day Transformation Intensive launches in January 2016. Her book of the same name will be published early 2016 as well. Dr. Shirley lives in New York with her partner of 11 years Mark Donadio. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and her website