March into Merivale 2016 // Guilty Pleasures

March Into Merivale
March Into Merivale

This year is all about nourishment for me – including nourishment of the senses and continued inspiration. Many of you know that I’m a die-hard events fan and absolutely love to host events that bring people together. But I also love getting glimpses into other blogging events from around the world and will be committed to sharing more of these this year – in fact I have a TON of events to report on from last year that we hosted that I’ll be sharing soon – stay tuned!

In the meantime I wanted to share some information on March into Merivale, the annual five-week food and wine festival taking Sydney by storm every year. Now in its eighth year, the event is surely the most anticipated on Sydney’s culinary calendar. With over 50 restaurants and bars ready to showcase the food and chefs who make Merivale venues the best in town. This year March into Merivale is your excuse to just go for it! To yield to your guiltiest pleasures… and then some, with first-class food, desserts of the highest sin, and cheeky drinks to keep the party rolling. March into Merivale kicked off in style on Feb 10, and for the next five weeks will be showcasing the best of Merivale with events at Mr Wong, The Paddington, Felix, Ms.G’s, sushi e and many more. Choose from luxurious Champagne tasting evenings, desserts dripping in chocolate, beachside carnivals, shameless dance parties and once-in-a-lifetime dinners.

Last week I was luckily enough to join Natalie from Eat Read Love and 20 of Sydney’s best food and lifestyle bloggers at the March Into Merivale exclusive preview launch dinner. Hosted by Rebecca Gibbs, we indulged in chef David Lovett’s Ultimate Guilty Pleasures Menu overlooking the Ivy Pool Bar from Uccello. It was a decadent dinner, held poolside and with the theme of ‘guilty pleasures’ – pure heaven on a beautiful Sydney summer evening.

March into Merivale runs from Feb 15- 20th March. For all of the details and bookings head to www.marchintomerivale.com.au

Kinfolk Sydney Wabi Sabi Dinner // A Messy Meal

Kinfolk Dinner

I've talked a lot here about my past experience working with Kinfolk and how grateful I am to be able to collaborate with such visually creative people. What never ceases to amaze me is that each event we team up on continually impresses me, pushes boundaries and creates a lasting vision in my mind.

Our most recent Wabi Sabi Messy Meal was no exception.

The latest Kinfolk gathering kicked off around the world on October 11 with Sydney being one of the first host countries and we happily embraced the unique theme of 'wabi sabi' - or the art of imperfection. We left behind the preconceived ideas of what a Kinfolk dinner should look like and created something unique and different on a beautiful Sydney afternoon with the most interesting group of strangers.

The sun was shinning on our private rooftop loft on the top floor of The Stables Retail Concept in Bourke Rd Surry Hills. Imagine exposed brick walls, aged timber beams, concrete floors and a rooftop garden. Combined with my hosting BFF's, food from Mario's Kitchen and wine from Cake Wines it was pretty much perfection.

But like all great things, there was a team involved that made it happen. My dream team and I'm eternally grateful for their support and hard work - for this event and always. Find the beauty in the imperfections, you may just be surprised at what you see...

A special thanks to our event partners:

HOST// Natalie Hayllar Eat Read Love / Jaclyn Carlson Blog Society / STYLING & BLOOMS // Lisa Madigan / FOOD // Marios Kitchen / VENUE // The Stables Retail Concept / PHOTOS // Rachel Kara / VIDEO // David Child Kat Parker / GIFTS // Aesop / WINE // Cake Wines TABLEWARE // Ode Ceramics

Images: Rachel Kara

Event // Eat Read Love Pop Up


I have always said that blogging is so much more than just an online experience, it has been a catalyst for some of the most creative collaborations and friendships I have. So I suppose it's only fitting that today I'm bringing you highlights from a recent stand out event hosted by Natalie Hayllar of Eat Read Love who has become a kindred blogging spirit and a close friend.

The Eat Read Love Pop Up Dinner series started last year and her latest gathering celebrated Hotel Centennial's new High Table restaurant overlooking Sydney’s Centennial Parklands in Woollahra.  It was a night filled with incredible food, wine and conversations with old and new friends...a huge congrats to Nat and her team - Lisa Madigan and Nadean Richards for another amazing collaboration.


A Look Back // Kinfolk At The Table

As the year came to a close I thought a lot about gatherings - a theme that seemed to be extremely prevalent this year for Blog Society. Our mission has always been to bring people together - to connect, to share and to learn from one another.  I suppose around the holidays this feeling of gathering, with friends and family, becomes that much stronger so I thought now would be the perfect time to reflect and highlight one our best events that took place last year: The Kinfolk Table.


I'd been lucky enough to host a few Kinfolk events throughout the year (that I'll share in upcoming posts) but when Kinfolk released their new cookbook, The Kinfolk Table, I knew we had to put something special together, a gathering that would celebrate food, family and tradition.


 I was lucky enough to team up with Kylie Lewis from Of Kin and host our event at the stunning Relish Mama Cooking School where the beautiful Nellie cooked up a feast to die for.  It was a great group of people, all who came to share their personal recipes passed down from generations and enjoy a gathering in true Kinfolk style.


The night was a cold, rainy Melbourne evening and I remember after it was all over, walking back to my hotel room tired yet bursting with a glow that can only come from a night spent laughing and learning from friends, new and old.


Images: Dan Roberts,Threadslike