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Blog Biz: Headshot & Creative Photo Session


Let me start today by painting a picture...and raise your hand if you can relate to the following:

  • Your current headshot involves a hairstyle that you had 3 years ago.
  • You don't have a decent photo of yourself so instead your profile pic is a snap of your cute shoes...or a photo that involves you wearing sunglasses (I used to be guilty of this one)
  • You bribed your partner, sister, friend - none of whom are photographers - to take your last headshot and the final image is slightly blurry, but it will do.
  • You read cool blogs and admire their amazing self portraits - so jealous.
  • You're shy and hate being in front of the camera - cue awkward smile and strange body posture.

If you can relate to any of the points above then you're in good company because most of the bloggers I know have been too. If it makes you feel any better I used to be guilty of every single one of those points. Blogging is a strange thing - you spend hours typing furiously away on your keyboard, expressing opinions and pouring your heart out confidently - only to freeze when it comes to showing the real you. The actual, in the flesh, flaws and all, you.

I believe in putting a face to a name - which isn't to say your business or blog should be selfie central - but there is a time and a place to showcase the talent behind the blog and that's when a confident, fun headshot that you absolutely love comes into play. All of these feelings above sparked the concept for our Creative Portrait Session Workshop and I'm happy to be bringing it back to Sydney again on 22 November.

This is a FUN session - for bloggers, biz owners, creatives or anyone who just wants a headshot that is less formal, and more creative. We do the serious too but only if you want to. Think colourful, natural photos that capture your true essence taken by my favourite photo couple in the world - Lisa & Pete from And A Day. These two are all about making you feel comfortable and I promise they can loosen up even the most shy and bashful to feel confident behind the lens. Usually you're too busy laughing at them to noticed they've snapped that 'in the moment' shot you're going to love.

So if you're finally thinking it's time to update the headshot or website 'About Us' page or you just want to send out a super cute shot for the Christmas card - this workshop is for you. Small, intimate and timed so everyone gets plenty of one on one time with our photographers, I promise it's going to be a great afternoon. For information is available here.


Creative Blogger Portrait Session // And A Day Photography


You know that when confetti, champagne and cheesy 80's pop hits come together you can pretty much guarantee a good time. Well that's exactly what happened and I can honestly say our most recent headshot workshop for bloggers was our most fun event to date. That's a bold statement because I tend to have a blast at ALL our events but there was just something about having everything come together seamlessly that made this afternoon creative portrait session an absolutely blast to be a part of.

To start I think it had to do with the fact the Lisa and Pete from And A Day Photography are such fun to hang out with. Not only are they super talented but this duo immediately makes you feel at ease and can get you laughing in no time.  Secondly the group of girls we had all immediately clicked and everyone was ready to have a great day and that's exactly what happened.  We ate way too much food, drank mimosa's and listened to my ridiculously cheesy playlist that kept us dancing all afternoon.

I'm absolutely thrilled with how everyone's photos turned out and wish I had room here to share them all because they all were fantastic - including some great outdoor lane way balloon shots that we snuck in before the weather turned.  We'll be hosting another portrait session soon so if you missed out this time make sure to send us a note so you can be notified when tickets are available!

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 8.09.45 pm.png

Special thanks to Bespoke Balloonery, Ashdown & Bee and a few our students for sharing their photos Barbara, Emma, Emma, Jarmila and Danielle. All photos from And A Day.