Creating Your First Cookbook 101


Hello everyone, I'm Marita Karlson and this is my second guest post for Blog Society and thanks so much for letting me share some more Cali luv, it feels great to be back! 

This time I’m gonna share a little of what i’v been up to lately here in Los Angeles.  I'm currently working on my next cookbook - California food with a healthy twist for all the superfoodies out there, guest stories and lots of lifestyle. 

The girl behind the lens is Stephanie Bjelkstam and she is also doing all the layout. It is crazy fun to work with someone who shares the same philosophy and mindset and wants to do the best work possible. Anyone who made a cookbook before knows what I’m talking about when I say that you have to put your life on hold for a moment. All energy and time goes to creating recipes, writing shopping lists, going to prop houses, grocery stores, unloading and organizing groceries, planning, creating, cooking and making it look pretty for the camera to make the recipe work. Then let's not forget cleaning up all the mess, writing down the recipes as you go, so you don’t forget them and planning for the next day - and hopefully sleep a little in between. There is 16hours a day, right there but i would never complain even a tiny bit because it is a hell of a lot of fun!

There will be 7 guests in the book who all share a delicious little something with us and i'll help them prep in the kitchen. These places are all my favorites around and it can be health cafes, raw food chefs, a local outdoorsy personality or a juice bar. I think it gives the book a little more life to get to meet the locals who shares their story and philosophy. And I’m also a huge fan of prepping food with fresh seasonal ingredients and I adore fresh-from-the-farmer-produce which I share with all these guests. And they all taught me some new tips and tricks to use in the kitchen. 

Here I am with Suzanne Hall, the editor of The ChalkBoardMag (above). We are rolling raw rose ruffles at their office in Santa Monica. Oh my, were they delicious or were they delicious? And of course the book brought us to my favorite beach town in California, Santa Barbara. 

With the Channel Islands on the horizon and the easy, sweet, lifestyle we just had to bring that to the book. This is Scott and Erin, they are the founders one of the greatest juicebars around, Juice Ranch. They pick the produce from local SB farmers, always organic, always fresh made juices and the menu is creative and delicious. Erin creates her juices with her whole heart and soul. Here, I'm helping her prep a green savoury juice for the “Feeling Energized” chapter. Yum!

And then we have this little gem. A paradise for hummingbirds with gazillions of flowers and exotic plants to eat from plus an impressive chefs garden. As cute as can be. Rent a cottage, eat a meal with ingredients from the garden and hike up the trails in those mountains you see. San Ysidro is true beauty nestled in the foothills of Montecito. 

The book will hit the stores next summer and we still have lots of work to do - watch this space!

x Marita