Biz Hacks: How To Repurpose Your Blog Content Like A Pro

By Brogan Micallef

Creating content for your biz can feel like a never-ending hamster wheel. You’re writing and producing more and more (and more!) blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, ebooks, webinars, trainings and course materials than you can throw a green smoothie at.

And sheesh. It’s enough to drive a girl crazy.

What if, instead, you made better use of what you already have? Let me introduce you to content repurposing.

You may have heard of content repurposing before. And maybe you feel like you shouldn’t have to repurpose your content (because you’re an entrepreneur right? A creative! You have plenty of ideas). Maybe you feel like repurposing your content is boring. Or you just don’t know where to start...

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to make things harder than they need to be. There’s enough going on in your business without you having to create content 24/7. (And as much as I love content, even I don’t want to do that!)

How to repurpose when you're a creative (+ make it fun rather than creativity-and-soul-sucking)

1.    Reframe your mindset

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right” - Henry Ford

The longer I’m in business, the more I realise how powerful the stories we tell ourselves are. What’s going on in our heads has a huge effect on the way we think about ourselves, our work, and what’s possible for our business.

That means you need to decide that it’s a good idea for you to repurpose content. If you tell yourself it’s boring, or that you hate it, or that it feels wrong, then that’s exactly what you’ll believe!

2.    Style it up
The beauty of content repurposing is that there’s no one way to do it. This is all about doing content your way. Let’s say you’ve written a blog post. How else can you get that idea, thought, topic or message out to more people? Get creative. You could:

  • Turn it into a podcast episode.
  • Film a video.
  • Produce an ebook.
  • Launch a course.
  • Run an email challenge.
  • Host a webinar or live training.
  • Create a fun social media campaign (hashtag included).
  • Make a new product for your shop (digital or physical).
  • Write a poem.
  • Craft a love letter for your peeps.
  • Design your own greeting cards. Get them printed and then snail mail them.
  • Produce a set of inspirational quote posters.
  • Present at a local meet-up.
  • Present at a conference.
  • Sketch a cartoon.
  • All of the above!

Use this list to help you brainstorm ideas. Get out a piece of paper and pen, start a mind map and let your imagination run wild. Remember point 1: our mindset is the only limiting factor in this process. Check in with yourself and take note of the language you’re using. Then get back to brainstorming.

Am I doing this right?  Short answer? Yes. Yes, you are. This is your business. And this is your content.

If it gets you feeling super pumped and is valuable to your audience, then yes, you’re doing it right. There’s no need to second guess yourself, lady. And now I’ll let you in on a secret...

Since I wanted to show you just how simple content repurposing can be, I tried a little experiment. This very post you’re reading is an example of repurposed content. It’s a fusion of content from this post and this post, with some restyling and updated content for a new twist.

See? It doesn’t have to be hard.

You’re already creating epic content for your peeps. Content repurposing is simply a way to get more traction from the content you create.

Keep it simple. Have fun with it.  And always remember: your message matters.

Brogan Micallef is a Content-Lovin’, Science + Sci-Fi Obsessed, Jane-Austen fangirl and proud of it! She helps entrepreneurs get their message out to those who need it most (minus the time-sucking procrastination, self-sabotage and comparisonitis). Through her 1:1 services, digital products, blog + her free Facebook Mastermind, she's here to remind you that when it comes to content, connection beats attention. (Because communication isn't leaving 2 emojis on Instagram or sending salesy PMs. Your message is worth more than that.) Learn how to get your message to those who need it most (and have a blast doing it) with a free resource library at

Why Your Next Blog Post Should be Evergreen

By Lauren Fraser

What is it?

Evergreen content is also known as pillar content. You’ve probably heard that it’s super important for your blog, but often people forget to mention why that is and how you can make it work for your blog specifically.

So first, let’s cover the basics. Evergreen or pillar content is content that lasts all year round, for many years – just like the leaves on an evergreen tree. For blogging, this means that your post continues to attract readers to your site continuously after it is first posted.

Your evergreen content is often your most popular, because new readers keep finding your site through these ‘pillar’ posts.

As these types of post support your site with visitors in the long term, they need to really reflect your blogging brand and niche. They are the pillars or building blocks of your blog. When your posts do reflect your overall focus, the visitor to your site is highly likely to find other content on your site interesting and stay a little longer to look around.

Why Evergreen Content?

For us busy bloggers and biz owners, every moment is important. We wear so many different hats, being writers, social media whizzes, educators, salespersons, and more – you don’t need me to tell you our time is pretty stretched.

That is why evergreen content is the must-have type of content for your blog. Why? Because it has the biggest return on investment for your time (ROI).

Rather than constantly producing new content that will be forgotten the next week, your time is much better repaid by producing content that people will continue to visit weeks, months, and years later. A few hours of work for continuous return in visitors. Sounds good, right?

Even more importantly, by creating your evergreen content intentionally, the visitors it continues to attract will be the right kind of visitors. They will be interested in your blogging niche. This makes them more likely to click through to other posts on your site, to sign up to your mailing list, to share your content, and to buy your products and services.

Pretty valuable visitors, huh? And the content that keeps them coming – even more so.

Spoiler! You have already posted evergreen content

Some of your existing blog posts will already be pillar content.

You can usually find these types of post by looking at your analytics. Which posts attract the most page views? Which attract the most engagement through comments, likes, shares, and pins? These are the current cornerstones of your blog.

If these posts accurately represent your blog’s niche, then use them to guide the next blog posts you create. Look for a trend and create posts from different angles on the same theme.

Let me give you an example. I discovered that recipes including chocolate bars were really popular on Knead to Dough, so I produced more of those. As expected, these have all moved up to my most viewed posts and continue to bring visitors to my site. My target readers are foodie bloggers which many of these visitors are, but not all of them.

I also discovered that my how-to style blogging posts continued to attract traffic. As these directly appeal to my target reader, and the recipe posts offer valuable case studies to them, this is the more valuable of my two types of evergreen content.

It brings the right people to my site to then look at other recipes and my blogging posts. They are also likely to sign up to my free resource library, which includes some guides specifically for foodies as well as general content resources.

How to use evergreen content on your blog

So you know how I use evergreen content to boost traffic continuously for Knead to Dough, but how can you apply it to your own blog?

You’re already starting to assess your popular posts for their suitability as pillar content for your blog and using them as inspiration for more.

You can also create pillar content by creating content that is already known to be successful, shareable, and regularly searched. How-to and list posts are typically very popular as they usually provide in depth, valuable, actionable advice.

The key to writing successful evergreen content is to provide as much value as possible. Pick your frequently searched niche topic and cover it in depth. Don’t leave your readers with unanswered questions at the end. If your content is valuable and informative, people will continue to find it useful.

Set yourself the challenge to make every blog post evergreen for the next month. If you can, challenge yourself to do this forever.

Tip: don’t forget to update pillar content as and when changes occur that apply to that topic.

If you’ve found this post helpful, you can sign up for my FREE Resource Library full of content and social media tips for your blog here.

The takeaways?

§  Evergreen content gives you the best ROI for your time

§  It attracts the right kind of visitors who are likely to subscribe and buy

§  Create content intentionally to attract these visitors and provide them lots of value

§  How-to and list posts are great options for creating evergreen content

Lauren Fraser helps other blogs and businesses (especially foodies!) transform their social media and blogging strategies to get the traffic, engagement, and leads they want. You can find blogging resources and guides on her site, Knead to Dough, with a pinch of delicious recipes thrown in for good measure! 

#blogtribe // Have You Outgrown Your Blog?


One of my favourite blog trends from the past few years happens to be a series of posts from bloggers worldwide entitled 'what would you tell your 25 year-old self.'  I first read about the movement here and actually wrote my own personal post here complete with tips and advice for my younger self. Oh the benefit of hindsight is truly something wonderful isn't it?

As individuals (and bloggers) the simple truth is that we grow up, change and evolve.  Not only do we leave behind the younger version of ourselves, but as bloggers we sometimes leave behind or outgrow the very blogs that have pushed us to where we are today.  I've had this conversation with a few blogging pals lately which got me thinking about reinvention and how to move forward when your blog no longer represents the person you are today.  

My own personal blog (long overdue for a redesign) is still relevant as it's a haven for my own personal journey however what about when you completely change direction or for example your travel blog has shifted in a new DIY direction?  How do you remain true to yourself and your loyal readers? Is it possible to reinvent yourself in the blogging world without a rebrand?

I'm here today not with all the answers but to pose the question to my #blogtribe, many of whom I know are going through this exact transition. Personally I believe in order to tell stories that truly connect you have to blog from the heart and for me, this means writing from a place that feels authentic and true. But I don't pretend to have all the answers and so I leave the question to you today and hope you can share your thoughts and advice on what happened when you outgrew your blog?

Looking to find your tribe? Get involved with this week's #blogtribe movement:


  1. Each week, take part in #blogtribe Tuesday by uploading on either InstagramFacebook or Twitter (or all three!) an image of a blogger or blog that inspires you, that you want to support or that you feel deserves a bit of attention. Go on, make a blogger's day!
  2. Always use the hashtag #blogtribe and tag @blogsociety so your images can be shared in our weekly wrap-up as well as shared with bloggers around the world.
  3. This celebration is all about having fun, if you miss a day, don’t worry simply post when inspiration strikes!
  4. Check back often and follow the #blogtribe hashtag feed each week to seek, discover and connect with new blogs and bloggers.

Know a blogger that might like to get involved? Make sure to spread the word about #blogtribe. or sign up here to join our community.

Behind The Blog Scene // Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day

There is nothing more rewarding than admiring and respecting someone from afar, only to realise that they are truly that genuine, clever and lovely in person. That was my experience when I was lucky enough to meet and work with Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day last year in Melbourne.  

Oh Happy Day is the ultimate craft playground, a visual carousel of inspiring eye candy that continues to produce what I consider to be some of the best original content in the blogosphere. Jordan gets it. She's smart, talented and I have admired her blog and watched it grow long before I moved to Australia.  One of the things I really love about Jordan is that despite her success she still maintains such a personal, down to earth tone on her blog and its that familiarity and accessibility that immediately draws you in.  So as you can see I'm a huge fan. HUGE.  Getting to work with her last year was an incredible experience and both her and her husband are just as cool, fun, cute and clever in person. If you missed it, check out photos here, it really was an awesome night.

So it therefore shouldn't come as any surprise that I'm interviewing the very talented, very crafty Jordan on this week's Behind the Blog Scene series.  Read on below for an interview that promises to make you smile (I mean how can not fall in love with any blogger who references Beyonce when describing what happens behind the scenes of her blog??) And finally a huge shout out to Jordan for sharing her thoughts below...enjoy.


Describe your blog in 3 words… 
Happy, Fun, Colorful
What is your blogging manifesto? 
Make People Happy
Top 3 blogging essentials? 
Macbook, Crepe Paper, Cake. I can't live without my computer, Crepe Paper is my material of choice to make projects with and I love cake. Any excuse to have a cake in the studio and I take it.
My biggest blogging moment/milestone was....? 
I don't have one big milestone but 2011 was a great year for me. I really focused on making content and my site grew a lot. It's sort of when everything "clicked."
My dream collaboration would be?
I would love to do a line of party supplies. I've even designed them already!!!
Right now I'm listening to...
Songza. It's my favorite music app because the playlists are chosen by humans not an algorithm. My favorite playlist while I make things is "Sunshine Indie."  Also we play lots of Beyonce.
Best piece of advice to a newbie blogger?
Be consistent, invest in your own site, and create original content.
If I wasn't blogging I'd be...
Making products or eating donuts.
Behind the scenes of my blog looks like...
A Beyonce video
In 2014 I'm most excited about...
I'm working on a few secret projects that I have to keep mum (I'm the worst at keeping my own secrets.) I also just bought a house after living in tiny San Francisco apartments for 10 years. I'm excited to decorate it.


Images courtesy of Oh Happy Day