How to Channel Your Inner Spiritual Biz Goddess

By Lisa Lynn Adams

When you are starting out being a mother, blogger and/or entrepreneur it can be overwhelming trying to find balance, especially when you are just starting out. While trying to find your groove, the learning curve can be steep. However, rest assured once you arrive, you'll feel a tremendous sense of peace, have gained a wealth of knowledge and knowhow and be able to look back with great pride over your creations.

Even with a background in business, learning the online world is a whole different ball game. Have patience with yourself. Self-love, self-care and self-acceptance are 3 of the most vital elements to success. There will be mountains to conquer and lessons to learn along the way. This too shall pass. Where you are is exactly where you are meant to be. Starting out on the journey of following your life purpose can be scary, so I wanted to outline some key tips and tricks I've learned along the way to help you accomplish the juggling act with ease, so you only drop one ball, rather than ALL.

Acknowledge that clarity is a rarity when you are starting out. You may begin in one place and end up somewhere completely different; only to realize where you end up is exactly where you are meant to be. The universe will use whatever it needs in order to get the ball rolling, to help you act out of faith, rather than fear. This is the beauty of knowing your big picture dreams, creating a plan, yet leaving room for what will be, to be. Accepting that you will be guided to where you are needed, in order to serve others in the most auspicious of ways. You need to have the perfect mixture of faith, trust and strategic PLANNING. If you combine these 3 elements you are surely creating a recipe for success.

At this point you will start to gain more clarity, as though the veil of uncertainty has been lifted from your eyes. You are starting to hear the call more clearly. You are staring straight at your spiritual destiny, gaining momentum and direction, starting to see the bigger picture and the steps that need to be taken. This is the moment to lock down your planning; this is my favourite part after the whole process, the moment of realization of the grand picture. At this point it's time to implement your DESTINY map, outlining each step needed to be taken in order to reach your big picture goals. With research, strategy and faith, carefully detail the very things you need to accomplish in order to get there. Break each step down into smaller steps needed and mark it with a destiny date, placing this on the wall and into your planner. At the beginning of each quarter create a vision board, include your financial projections for the quarter as well and the things that are needed in order to manifest and reach your target. Include pictures and words to best describe the smaller steps that need to be taken, adding as much detail as possible. This will help you gain clarity and visually see what you need to accomplish through the next 4 months. The more you add to your vision board to more successful you will be.

Each morning set aside time to meditate, visualizing your dreams coming true, as well as seeing the steps needed in order to move your vision forward. Then take some time to do some SOULwriting, knowing that whatever comes to you will serve a higher purpose, helping you along. Your struggles will become clearer and you will begin to see solutions to your once obstacles, so they can become opportunities. Then it’s time to check your planner for meetings, clients, content creation and any other elements you may need to include, then input the times you can move onto your destiny map and measure your progress. The measuring part is often skipped, however this imperative in order to know where you are and where you are going. Also creating a learning list is important as well. Growth is constant, so we need to continually invest time in ourselves to gain the wisdom and knowledge we need for advancement. Remember, everything happens one step at a time, don't get overwhelmed with the big picture, just focus on the smaller aspects that need to be performed as you go.

Create a soul contract with yourself, vowing to fulfill your daily practice to accomplish the things you have set out to do. It is not only your responsibility to yourself, but also to the world, as your life purpose is vitally important to the growth of our planet. Include a commitment to meditation, a “to do” list; or as I like to call them a "To Love & Create” list, as well as creation (we have come to the planet to create - so taking the time each day in order to create content or specific projects needed to fulfill your dreams is an vital step), making sure you take time for your family and self-care as well. These are your daily commitments. If you find yourself feeling frustrated, switch to a different task with a timer (you can use your phone or an app for this), close down distractions and ensure you are slotting time restrictions in order to fulfill each one.

Set aside 3 meditation breaks, as well as intermittent tech breaks (stretch, yoga or go for a walk). Also including Biz Success Affirmations can be very helpful. Even when it comes to time management, one I find very helpful is to repeat, & time is on my side; whenever I'm on a pressing time restraint. This helps to combat the stress and begin working with time, rather than against it. Focus on a specific affirmation that speaks to you daily, once in the morning, once in the afternoon and right before bed. I allow mornings to focus on gaining wisdom, insight and direction. I use my afternoon meditation to unwind, gaining clarity and focus. I use my before bed meditation to dream, manifest and visualize my big picture goals coming true and believing without a shadow of a doubt, that they will! You will find out what works best for you, however you need to take the time to PLAN! :)

Keep in mind you can never plan for everything, or even carve a set path out in stone to living a truly inspired life. Living an inspired life happens by being patient with yourself, expressing love for what you're doing, loving yourself along the way and enjoying the journey not only the destination. Don't forget to laugh daily, love always and dance often. Take the time to create a DESTINY map to guide you along, however, sometimes you need to ride the waves you are given and soul surf your way to success! You truly deserve all of your dreams and desires coming into fruition, never give up, you'll get there.

Shining is your spiritual destiny. Stop playing small and go after your dreams, the time to rise up and SHINE is now! The world needs your light now, more than ever.

Lisa Lynn Adams is a Tony Robbins certified strategic intervention/performance coach, yoga teacher with a degree in social work and business. Author of two books and a highly sough-after Spiritual Success Coach, due to her uniqueness in the field and her wide areas of expertise.

Lisa brings years of business, online marketing and real estate investing experience. She is a passionate prosperity mentor to women helping them create successful and largely profitable businesses. She knew at a young age after witnessing both her parents take their last breath before her eyes, that she had an important mission on this earth and that was helping others see the potential in their pain, overcome obstacles to awaken to their life purpose. Turning it into prosperity, she teaches her students that abundance is our birthright, achievable and POSSIBLE! Lisa is always been a creative genius with a knack for marketing with a million and one innovative ideas, she came to realize that many of those ideas weren't for her, but for the women she was working with to profit from. Many call her the divine mother and nurturing doula to women's DREAMS! You can find Lisa on Facebook or Twitter.

How to use public speaking to build your brand

By Suzanne Chadwick

Have you ever looked at speakers on a stage and thought – how do I get there?  How can I become confident, clear on my message, have the courage to stand in front of so many people and share what I love and what I know?

Well you’re not alone.  As we move into the era of what I like to call the ‘Power Personal Brand’ where we follow people who have something to say and who say it so well, the personal brand has become the visual connector that we have to people and content that we love.   In this digital age, having something to say and saying it well can be the difference between mega success and getting lost in the crowd. 

Now when I talk about public speaking and presenting I think of it as speaking to a group from 2 people to 200,000 people.  It doesn’t really matter the size, your ability to impact and connect with that 1 person is just as important as the masses.

So if owning the stage is something that you would love to do in 2016 there here are some of my tips on presenting with power and purpose and getting the gigs that you want.


Firstly decide what your message is.  This may sound simple, but what will you talk about exactly.  If you can decide on 1 – 4 topics that you cover then it makes easy for event managers and hosts to know if you’re right for their business, event and audience.  If you’re able to give a clear outline then it makes for an easy decision.  For example when I’m engaging speaking it needs to be on a specific topic that is practical and helpful to my community and audience.   I’m sure that you’ve already got a number of topics that you focus on in your business, so go with those.  Consistency of message across all your platforms is what buildings brands so bang that drum!


If you want to be a speaker then let people know by creating a speakers page. Creating a speakers page means that it’s easy for those who come to your website or blog to see that you’re a speaker.  They can see what you talk about, where you’ve spoken before and they can see what others have said about their experience with you as a speaker. 


If you’ve spoken before and have testimonials then that’s also a great thing to provide event organisers.  Knowing that you’re engaging a speaker who fits with your brand personality is really important to me as well as an event organiser.  My brand personality is bold, fun and focused on educational content so my speakers need to be like that as well.  If you’re able to show the type of content you share and the way in which you share it then you’ll appeal to the right event organisers.


I remember Gabby Bernstein saying that she didn’t charge for the first five years of speaking.  Now whilst you may not have to wait that long, you will need to decide where you are in your speakers journey and be realistic about what you want the outcomes to be.  If you’re just starting out as a speaker then I would recommend getting a few speaking gigs under your belt before charging.  I’ve been speaking for many years and sometimes I charge and sometimes I don’t.  It depends on the audience, the opportunity and the event. 

If you are going to charge then one thing I would recommend is be clear on your rates. I have a hidden page on my website with my rates, terms of engagement and what else I will do if I’m engaged as a speaker.  For example for paid events I’ll promote the event throughout my social channels and provide a media kit so that they can see the benefit of that.   When I’m approached for speaking gigs then I just email through the link to the page and they can decide if they are in a position to pay the fee or not.  Obviously there is discussion around it but it makes it a much easier conversation if you’ve got all the information laid out for them. 


So where to start.  There are a couple of things you can do to get started.  One of the easiest things to do is to run your own event.  This means that you could have from 5-50 people, whatever works for you and test your message and talks out.  This could be free or charged as well.  By doing this you’ll get a feel for what works for you when you’re speaking and what doesn’t.  It means that if you charge then you may get paid, even if it’s only a small amount.  It may also mean that you’re able to get testimonials for your speaker’s page.


If running an event sends you into cold sweats then it’s time to connect with others who run events and see if you’re the right type of speaker for them.  I’ve spoken in paid and unpaid workshops and events for other women who run networking groups and events and that’s worked well for me.   As an international conference speaker I also connect with those who run large scale conferences to ensure that I build a relationship with them for future events.


I secured a speaking event this year by Googling – ‘speaking opportunities in Melbourne’ and applying when I saw one that I thought was a good fit for me.  Not only did I make some awesome connects at this event but I also gained a number of new clients. The event was unpaid but is still benefiting my business today.


I saw a video on Facebook recently of someone advertising that they are open to speaking at events.  It shared some information on where they had spoken before and what they speak about.  Now you may not want to go that far (or maybe you do) but like anything in your business, if you want to build up your reputation in a certain area then you need to be out there sharing it.  Social proof it always a great way to do that.  When I get the professional photos back from places that I’ve spoken then I put them up on my social channels as well as my website to build up the social proof of what I’ve done.  I always connect it with a testimonial where I can so that there is a visual as well as praise for a job well done.  I’ve found speakers from them doing this on their social channels.


With any speaking gig I do, I have a clear goal.  The goal is convey a specific message, to connect with certain people, to entertain, educate or inspire. Know that you’re goal is and ensure that you set yourself up to be successful in achieving that goal.  I’ve worked with women who have no idea what they want to get out of the experience and therefore miss an opportunity.

Speaking is one of the quickest ways to reach a large audience in a single instant, so if it’s something you’re looking to do then I would say go for it.  If you love speaking this it’s fun and positions you in a great way.

I’d love to know - what’s your biggest fear, worry or barrier to speaking?

Suzanne Chadwick is a Business & Brand strategy coach and the CEO of The Connection Exchange providing coaching, training & events for women in business and supporting them to build their business, brand and bottom line. As an international conference speaker and trainer, Suzanne also coaches women to create the ‘Power Personal Brand’ through public speaking and Owning the Stage.  You can find and connect with Suzanne on Facebook and Twitter.

How to go from beginner to pro on your social media

By Catherine Geller

“Social media is a waste of time. It takes away from living in the moment.”

I’ve heard so many fellow entrepreneurs say this and while I do empathize with this valid point, I strongly believe that if used “correctly”, social media can greatly elevate your business brand and media message. Well-written posts will not only help you maintain relations with loyal clientele, but also they will simultaneously expand your reach.  

Of course there are those people who spend hours editing, filtering, and trying to get the perfect angle of them sipping their margaritas on a classy rooftop bar. Believe me, I've done it one too many times; I spent countless hours trying to get the artsiest shot and writing the wittiest caption, until I realized that doing just that was in total opposition to what I was selling through my business.

If you’re wondering why, it is because my entire brand is a movement that aims to encourage people to be more real and to embrace their flawed, fabulous selves. Maybe this isn’t the case for you. Maybe you’re wondering why some of your posts get more attention than others? Maybe it’s the simple question of, how can I use social media to grow my business? It sounds pretty cliche, but the answer to these questions is a lot simpler than you would imagine. The key to successful posts on social media is to know who you are, what makes you/your product special, and to own those unique qualities, unapologetically. 

The moment someone clicks on your Instagram feed, they must immediately know who you are. If your posts are not consistent, you will confuse your audience. Think about it. What if one day I put up a picture about the power of positivity and the next day I posted something that said, “I don't believe in positive thinking.” I know this is a little bit extreme of an example, but you get my point, right? Each part of the storytelling has to be congruent. Take a moment to look at your feed. Are your pictures brightly lit and evoking serenity? Does your brand feel like a breath of fresh air? Or are you more in your face, bold, sassy, and loud? Is your product more of a chic and classy Upper East Side, or more of a hip and chill Williamsburg?

As a life coach in NYC, I struggled with answering these questions. The people posting in my field all had seemingly perfect posts soaking up the sun on a sandy beach, meditating on the all too perfect green cut grass, and laughing in their bright colored shirts with a fresh juice in hand.

For a while, to keep it real with you, I mimicked them because their posts were popular and getting a lot of attention. My thought process was as follows; I’m a life coach, so I too, need to look like my life is bright, happy, and “together.” I did this for a while and felt guilty every single time I clicked the “post” button because deep down, I knew I wasn’t truly utilizing my own voice. 

I couldn’t live with feeling guilty for posting on social media, so I sat in solitude, unplugged, and got honest with myself. I said, “Catherine, it’s not about being a second rate version of someone else. You’ve got to be yourself, even if it’s not what others “expect.” By that, I mean, I’m the person that embraces realness. 

I’m not the life coach that eats a sugar free diet and sits in meditation all day. Yes, I have cut out sugar before and to be honest, it may have done blind wonders for my health, but I felt emotionally miserable. Sure, I meditate daily and I live a relatively healthy lifestyle, but I also embrace the other side of me that craves going out for ice cream and socializing over “fatty foods” with friends. I want people to look at my lifestyle and feel at ease when they see that I love indulging, too, that I feel awkward too, and that I most definitely lose on hard days, too.

I will never forget the day that one of my best friends turned to me and said, “Catherine, I follow social media accounts that have the perfect yoga poses and crispy kale chips, but that’s not the entire package of who you are. You have a whole other side of you that truly radiates perfection for being so imperfect.”

What I’m learning is that you need to know who you are and when you’re so clear on that, you posts will flow effortlessly, naturally attracting the attention of the followers who need your unique voice. 

You must LOVE your product. Yes, that especially means yourself if you’re selling yourself as a coach, mentor, teacher, etc. Remember that no one likes a person or company that does not practice what he/she/they preach. If you are encouraging others to embrace flaws, be sure to include posts with your own positive self-image regardless of how “awful” you believe you look. I had to call myself out for playing small by not posting that many pictures of myself for fear of “not looking good” in them. It was just another way for me to get away with hiding from my spotlight, which is the opposite of what I am looking to do.

Last but certainly not least, you must truly believe in the value of your product. I have learned my worth as a coach by working with clients and realizing over time that I was giving them a priceless gift: the Sparknotes version of the wisdom I gathered over many years overtaken by angst, suffering, and soul searching. Without having the key tools to combat our antagonizing inner critics, we quite honestly won’t have the courage to step outside of our comfort zone. And ladies and gentlemen, that zone is where all the magic happens. When you are confident with your product, you feel confident posting shamelessly about it, and your clients feel confident joining your mission.

So what’s the key to long lasting social media success? I summed up my key points for you in an acronym: ACE. Authenticity. Consistency. Enthusiasm. Whenever you are posting, ask yourself, “Did I ace this post?” Good luck!

Catherine Geller is the Keepin’ it Real Coach, and Founder of Unmasked Theatre Company. You can find her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Photographer credit: Kaboompics & Hanna Agar

4 Steps to Keeping Your Voice in the Online World

By Alisa Nelson

What’s the difference between copying an idea and stealing it?

I was taught by a math professor but the deeper concept holds true across the board. The difference between copying someone’s idea and stealing it is that stealing involves your own creativity and voice as you adapt the idea into your specific context. When we are copying, we are trying to fit the pieces of someone else's life into our own. The result is commonly to give up or lose momentum and I believe it happens for two reasons:

1. Since it wasn’t your goal or vision to begin with, you don’t really know why you’re going after it so when the road gets a bit bumpy, you don’t have that deep soul drive that helps you keep going and you don’t know what you’re supposed to do next. It's like following step-by-step instructions that don't account for your specific situation. 

2. You get a little ways down this new path and realize you lost your own voice. Creativity stalls because you aren’t speaking (or living) in a way that shows who you are.

It’s difficult to be vulnerable when they aren’t your words and as Brené Brown has shown us, vulnerability is crucial for creativity and innovation. Copying someone else’s vulnerability - even if they are a close match - will leave you feeling dried up in the end.

I write on this from the perspective of a newer online entrepreneur who struggles to stay focused on my own brand as I try to reach my own audience. Maybe you can relate? Our own uniqueness means that we can do similar things and yet speak from a totally different perspective. But we like lists. We want someone to come alongside us and tell us how to turn who we are into a business - or at least a cohesive message. Remember what I said about vulnerability? Bringing who you are, including your need for growth and maturation of your brand, is the best way to spark your creativity and this allows you to actually reach the people you want to reach and influence their lives. From experience, simply copying how other people use Instagram or their writing style won’t get you their results.

So how do you go about staying focused on your brand amidst the overstimulation of the online business world?

1. Write a clear and specific mission statement that includes your target audience and what you are trying to inspire them to do

2. Filter every new idea - blog post, product, social media theme, etc - through that mission statement.

3. Look for the principles behind the success of your online peers - rather than copying their method, identify the bigger ideas that fuel their success. Do they have killer headlines? Do their share personal stories? What kind of value do they offer to their audience? Once you spot the bigger concept, seek to grow your own capability in that area so you can apply it to your brand without losing what makes you unique.

4. Go back to your personal WHY. Why did you start your blog? Why do you love what you do? Remind yourself frequently and let your creativity flow from your confidence in the message you are standing behind.

These steps can seem silly when you’re “on” - you know, when you’re motivated, brainstorming, and getting tons of engagement from your audience. The advantage to having a written out mission statement is for the moments when you aren’t getting engagement. When ideas aren’t coming and you feel like you’re floundering for inspiration. Rather than reaching for social media and looking at what everyone else is doing, dare to take a step back. Go outside, let your mind wander, and get back in touch with your WHY. For me, that has occasionally meant dropping the direction I had been moving in so I can do a course correction. Other times, it’s just staying quiet on social media for a brief period as I refocus. In the end, consistency is only valuable if it is bringing you closer to your desired outcome.

What do you do when you start to lose vision? What habits do you use to stay consistent while maintaining your voice and personal creativity?

Alisa Nelson is a personal trainer who seeks to help women discover their strength in every area of their lives. She writes over at the Strength Collective blog about the everyday kind of strength that fuels relationships, capability growth, and keeps her pursuing joy in all circumstances. As a coach, she teaches the foundations of movement and nutrition so her clients can keep going after their goals despite a busy schedule. She believes wholeheartedly that every decision a person makes should coincide with their values – a conclusion she came to while working on increasing her deadlift to almost twice her bodyweight and raising her two young children. You can follow her on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook as she encourages women to use their newfound strength to spur them on toward living abundantly.