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Blog Society Book Club

I mentioned last week that I'm not a huge fan of New Year's Resolutions - instead opting for a more natural approach that is all about intention. I prefer to choose a word that will steer and guide me throughout the next 12 months and for 2016 that word is 'nourish'. 

I'm attempting to thread this theme within all aspects of my life - business, relationships, fitness, health and wellbeing. To kickstart the year I'm nourishing my mind by finally returning to my love of reading.  Yes it's time to stop ordering creative bestsellers and time to start actually reading them!  

Which brings me to my news today...I'm officially kicking off the first Blog Society Book Club on 1 February and I'm inviting you to join us! This book club will be virtual, with discussions held on our social media channels - all of which will be fun, informal and designed to inspire.

To get involved just pop your name here and feel free to share with friends or fellow biz chicks. Our first book choice and all the other fun details will be landing in your inbox shortly! Happy reading! x Jac