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Two Mad Rabbits - a blogging partnership

By Two Mad Rabbits

We're busy; with three kids a piece, jobs to juggle and houses to faff. Who isn't? That precious commodity of time can be so elusive, and let's be real, 'time to stop and smell the roses' is almost extinct in our high-tech, frenetic world. 

We love reading, but a novel takes months these days. And we love gorgeous images and finding the 'pretty' in the every day, and basically anything to do with home styling. 

So, our whole blogging philosophy centres around all our loves (family at the top of the list of course!), but in short, inspiring doses for our fellow time-poor creatives - five minute therapy for the heart and home. 

With a dozen posts and bucket-loads of excitement, we launched Two Mad Rabbits just over a year ago. 

It has been therapy for us too! Writing is therapy. Sharing ideas is therapy. The blogging world is therapy. Creating a post we're really proud of is therapy, and receiving feedback when things catch on is wonderful.

Sharing a blog with another is much more fun we think.  Firstly, you're sharing the workload.  That takes so much of the intimidation factor out of getting started.  You're in this together.

Secondly, you have someone you love and trust to bounce ideas off without fear of judgement.  You won't always be on the same bandwagon about a post idea, that's impossible (we have vastly different ideas on whether or not Sonny Angel dolls are cool or creepy!).  But that's also an advantage because readers are getting different perspectives from each of us. 

We allow each other the space to do posts on things that sometimes the other isn't that excited by. That helps to keep us both engaged, and no-one's creative toes are stepped on!  And we're honest with each other when things don't work - we have to be. Having each other as the ultimate wing-woman has allowed one of us to take a little more time off when we had newborns to feed around the clock and were pretty much walking zombies, or started a new job.

We admire uber-bloggers who post a set number of times a week and are tuned into every blip on the blogging radar, but that isn't us. We do it because we love it. We post when we have something to share, or something to say. That works for us, because blogging is lovely, and a cherished outlet for creativity and we want it to stay that way. We've seen bloggers just pack it all in because it became a chore. It's important not to let that happen, we think. Who needs another chore?!

Here are our 5 tips for making a blogging partnership work:

1. Set your goals up front, before pushing the launch button. What does each person want from the blog? How much can each person contribute content and time-wise? Make it clear what your boundaries are, and what happens to the blog (i.e who ‘owns’ it) if the relationship goes pear shaped. 

2. Divide duties. Who will take care of what? For example, will someone do more of the technological side of things while someone else does more of the photography? 

3. Set parameters. What will and won't you do or allow on your blog?

4. Make some rules for 'problem' days. For example if one person wants/needs a break, how is that dealt with? If one person doesn't like an idea, how is that dealt with? You need to commit to being honest when it's hard to be, and not let it affect your friendship. We have regular blog meetings when times are good or bad, so that it just becomes routine to discuss how we feel we are going, and even some of the more difficult topics. 

5. Put the friendship first! Sometimes it's nice to just make time for the friendship and ban the B word from conversation. Sometimes put the phone away and do not take photos with a blog post in mind when you are together. Easier said than done! 

Some of our favourite blogs are:

Vicki Archer

Paris in Four Months

A Beach Cottage

The Grace Tales

Practising Simplicity

Faux Fuchsia Style

They're all aimed at women, and have stunning visuals. That is pretty much where the similarities end as some are parenting blogs, some are lifestyle blogs, and some are sheer eye candy, inspirational blogs. 

So, in summary, a blog partnership is a fabulous thing on so many levels. No matter where this ride takes us, we're strapped in together and isn't everything more fun with someone else by your side?

Sami and Tam met at the outset of their university days studying journalism, what feels like many moons ago. They became fast friends, then good friends, better friends, and best friends. Now, they consider each other chosen family.  

They spent their formative journo years in the same newsroom. They learned about real life, covered the inspiring and the heartbreaking, and cemented their love of story-telling. That love of story-telling eventually pulled them in different directions. Sami was lured into radio and remains a big part of a ratings-winning hosting team on Mix FM radio station on the Sunshine Coast (with an audience of 90 thousand locals every day). Tam ventured away from hard news, moved to Canada with her husband and began working in entertainment news, climbing the ranks to eventually become the Senior Executive Producer of Entertainment Tonight Canada. 

When Tam moved back to Australia to spend more time with her young and expanding family, they knew they wanted to create something together. Their blog was born, and they're now telling the stories they want to tell!

The Two Mad Rabbits understand mums are busy, so the blog is their way of providing a few minutes of escapism from the chaos. From the simplest tale of a gorgeous vignette or a delicious recipe, to the thought-provoking ideas they encounter, to the candid sharing of their own struggles and triumphs - it's a little space to provide what they call 'five minute therapy for the heart and home' for their readers. Follow them on Instagram and Facebook.